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  1. thanks Renzadic, Follow your answer I already fix the issue 1. but for the mouse move.. you don't mind send me the link and tell me where to download the setting.exe? (seems like there are so many download packages there )
  2. thanks so much!it works as expected! BTW, i still have two more question. Hope I am not bothering you. 1. How to disable this Security Code pop up window? (It's a little bit nosiying me..) 2. I saw some client can move their mouse back to the window (outside to the client window) directly without pressing any other WIN button. How can I fulfill this behavior? For example, mouse from here to outside direcly. NO need to minimize client/ switch to other apps. Kindly appreciate if you can answer these. Hope you have a greate day!
  3. Really Thanks! this is really helpful! I follow the guideline step by step and finally successfully login my server! But I have a question.. why I type the language in chat box it will show Korean font? May I know how to fix it?
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