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  1. Hi Akbare, its working for me. but is it possible that 1 npc script for multiple item? like i will add another item on item db but no need to add scrip on npc? Thanks for the script its very helpful!!!
  2. Thanks you much much @Emistry i haven't tried coz i want to reply first! and i know it will work coz coming from you! i have been spending 1 week looking for this script!
  3. @Akbare Hi sir i just tried the script but i received this error? ive been looking for this
  4. Thank you for your reply! much appreciated bro!!! Godbless!
  5. Hi Chaos, Thanks for your reply. yes im currently using this but i want the shop with menu for example "upper headgear", "lower headgear" ," Middle Headgear".
  6. Hi Anyone has the script for cash shop with the function below. i was able to do it using Emistry script however the value showing is still "Z" instead of "P" Thanks in advanced
  7. Hi Sir, do i have to do other configuration on the server to work aside from editing this item_db_equip.yaml attached. Thanks sir item_db_equip.yml
  8. Sir. i converted to yaml. but still unable to read after reload item db? it it correct i have to put on the folder location db/pre-re/item_db_equip.yaml? below is the format i put. - Id: 29489 AegisName: chubbymeow Name: Chubby Meow Type: Armor Weight: 20 Locations: Costume_Head_Top: true EquipLevelMin: 1 View: 1882
  9. Hi Bro can teach me how to convert? i tired type "make csv2yaml" but no working.. appreciate your help
  10. bro how to edit item_db_equip i put my item there but not showing.
  11. Hi Thanks for the info. may i know how to build? im using centos7. want to convert itemdb to yaml.
  12. Hi can anyone teach me how to convert itemdb old format to new yaml format? Thanks
  13. boypol

    SG RO

    i am looking for experienced developer for my ragnarok server. Please message me or email me if you are interested. Thanks
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