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  1. using kRO rsu renewal/sakray stop patching Feb 2020 and beyond. running Patchup.exe provided by kRO found out a new address
  2. it looks like new client doesn't allow to use custom resolution... always set to minimum allowable size in 32 bit. i hope there is a way to allow costume resolution.
  3. changing langtype must also change lua files by default kRO uses ..\Lua Files\service_korea\ExternalSettings_kr viewing hexed unpack 2018 client to your native language: Lua Files\service_brazil\ExternalSettings_br_sak Lua Files\service_brazil\ExternalSettings_br in order to use it create folder name service_brazil inside it paste ExternalSettings_kr.lub and rename it as ExternalSettings_br_sak.lub if you are using sakray or ExternalSettings_br.lub if you are using primary. To be safe use sakray this must be on your sclientinfo.xml <servicetype>brazil</servicetype> <servertype>sakray</servertype> <langtype>12</langtype> if your not aware what i'm talking about see: https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation/tree/master/data/luafiles514/lua files/service_korea
  4. what weapon did you use? probably ClassNum issue...
  5. any other ways to change resolution for 2018 client? setup.exe or opensetup.exe doesn't seems to work.
  6. Its nice to be back.

  7. thx for the update. i wonder if there is changes the way instances works... like if you disconnected while in it.
  8. are you sure it load the right packet_ver? did you recompile after editing clif.c? also make sure you use 20161228 in mmo.h because i use "==" in the code i provide.
  9. if you want to try this thing out edit your clif.c., add something like this next to else statement under ZC_ACCEPT_ENTER code block. #elif PACKETVER == 20161228 const int cmd = 0x2eb;
  10. @Ziu hey i've read about your blog that say: would you mind make a video about this changes... i think this is a critical issue that have been solved.
  11. i think your looking for this: although i don't know (idea) how to use it. @Secrets for me that crimson weapon script is kinda overpower to me. i think there is something wrong with this formula. (BaseLevel/10)*5) base on what i experience in official server.
  12. judging it using that skill description tell us that it is the same concept as Platinum Shield. 2122,Platinum_Shield,Platinum Shield,4,20,,1200,,95,,0,0xFFFFFFFE,18,2,32,,68,1,4,{ bonus bMdef,5; bonus2 bSubSize,Size_Medium,15; bonus2 bSubSize,Size_Large,15; bonus2 bSubRace,RC_Undead,10; bonus5 bAutoSpellWhenHit,"NPC_MAGICMIRROR",7,150,BF_MAGIC,0; },{},{}
  13. my concern are: add NPC that sell items that is a prerequisite of a skill. i.e poison bottle, acid bottle, fire bottle, coating bottle, plant bottle, marine sphere bottle, seed of horny plant, mandragora flowerpot, bomb mushroom spore etc. etc. etc... and if possible sell rune stones for rune knights and guillotine cross poison.
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