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  1. Aw, i dont have that file thanks for help me sir... Anyone knows why my System folder has not the "iteminfo.lub"? I have one called "iteminfo.lua2" because my friend edited it because he said that lua file was wrong, so that my .lua file would be read by the server I'll leave the image in case it's that.. Thanks so much!
  2. Hi, Can you be more exact, please? I can't find the file you mentioned In this case the card "Ghostring" within the game is blue as it is a mini boss category card But... When I enter the GRF Editor, the cards inside the game are blue, and they come out normally What?? (I'm looking for the Ghostring Card by the way) In the other case, there are mvps cards that do not appear with their respective "MVP" icon on the photo: For example, the Beelzebub card is not with the icon, where can I change this? And finally, how do I make the mvps cards red as well as the mini bosses in blue in my inventory? Thank you so much for helping me...
  3. Hi, I'm new at this, could someone help me?. The icons on my server's MVP cards appear mostly with the Red icon with the phrase "MVP", as opposed to the Miniboss that appears in blue with the phrase "Mini Boss". But there are certain MVP cards that do not appear with that "MVP" icon when you view the card description, how do I change this?.. I would also like to know how to put the red MVPs and blue Mini boss cards... Thanks!!
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