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  1. Hi there ~

    I seem to have another issue with the GrfCL. I'm trying to use imageConvert.

    One thing I noticed was I have to input the target format in lowercase (help lists them in camel case) or I'd get the error 

    #Exception : Couldn't find the target format.

    After that though I'm still unable to run it successfully.
    Here's the output:
    Current assembly version :
    Current assembly file version :

    Commands> imageConvert "convicon" "imgicon\*.bmp" "pngbgr32"
    #Warning : File conversion failed : C:\Users\schmu\Downloads\makedat\imgicon\61280.bmp
    #Error : An exception has been thrown
    #Error : Given command line : imageConvert "convicon" "imgicon\*.bmp" "pngbgr32"
    #Error : Command being executed : imageConvert  <convicon> <imgicon\*.bmp> <pngbgr32>
    #Exception : Path cannot be the empty string or all whitespace.

    I've tried many variations (with and without quotes, aboslute path, relative path, moveing the exe) already but I'm always getting that error.

    Maybe there is an issue or am I really doing it just wrong?

  2. 15 hours ago, Tokei said:
    help options
    options /UseGrfMerging=true /TargetGrf=test.grf

    This works great thank you.

    One strange prompt appears though:


    Even though there are files in data only (root is empty in the created file)


  3. On 9/22/2023 at 6:11 PM, Tokei said:

    This should be fixed now, sorry about that:

    This works now, thank you a lot.


    I would like to ask for another thing if I'm not missing it somehow.

    Can we set Container Options via GrfCL (Patching mode, Target GRF)?

  4. 18 hours ago, Tokei said:

    I added the encryption commands (setKey, encrypt, decrypt) to it in Here's an example:

    • -open test.thor
    • -setKey mykey.grfkey
    • -encrypt
    • -save

    Where the mykey.grfkey is the file version of your password. You can generate this file via Tool > GRF Encryption:


    Thanks for adding these. But somehow I seem to have an issue with the new version of GrfCL to even create a file. It looks like it terminates after the first command somehow.

    I've attached the log output of current and an older version using an example script and a simple open / save command. The older one doing what is expected.

    Old Version



    New Version



    Another example of one command at a time is fine, but not more than one

    2023-09-22 15_49_40-Eingabeaufforderung.png

  5. simple select item from Box/Egg

    This is a simple function I'm using for custom box/egg items to allow players selecting an item.

    Example usage:

      - Id: 100717
        AegisName: Fluffy_Semi_Long_Box
        Name: Costume Fluffy Semi-long Hair
        Type: DelayConsume
        Buy: 10
        Weight: 100
        Script: |


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  6. This might be the better place to report issues. Now (with the EP 19 maps (and other new maps) can be generated, but wrongly.

    Here's an example of clock_01. The middle area is not accessible, but the flat map maker generates them as cell type 0


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