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  1. Hi, how can I disable discount/overcharge skills on a specific item? I want to use the exact sell price from item_db ignoring those skills
  2. The resolution of the game is a bit blur (i did not notice it until i press the emo in the game) ) but luckily there's way to solve it(but i don't want this way), I switch to desktop and click run any program till i got the access-notification like this then either i click no or yes and switch back to the game, the resolution became perfect! it's kinda like refreshing the game or something i don't know what's called. I do not want to this every time I start exe to play the game. Does anyone know why it happened ? I'm currently using windows 10.1 and the latest open-setup(also try another older versions but still got the same) and also try with older ragexe version, got the same. But version 20151104, it works fine(test with another server, not mine), I'd prefer to use 20131223 anyway
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