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  1. Thank you for your donation, winnie It is really appreciated.
  2. I understand, thank you for the explanation Olrox I know how to use IDA Pro, so I might as well try to check why it's behaving like that. I'll analyze the launcher you've uploaded on DropBox.
  3. Just wondering, what is the exact problem now? The "default" animation is the wait one, which is included in the gr2 file holding the model data. What you're trying to do is... change this? I don't understand o.o
  4. You need to move the pivot for the whole group, setting its Z position to 0,0 should be enough. As for the animation indices, I really don't think there's something RO-specific for the animations to be done, I suppose you just have to understand how the filenames work and sort the files according to that logic.
  5. Okay, the problem seems to be in the GR2 file itself, and not in the converter. As you can see, the original RO GR2 file holds several meshes, but just one model, while the other holds the same number of meshes and models. This means the game will read only the first model of the GR2 file, which, in this case, is just composed of the first mesh. I'm not quite sure how to solve this, but it's something that has to be fixed at export time (when you export using 3DS Max). EDIT: Found a solution, and I already told Olrox on Skype about it. Just group the meshes when exporting and they will be considered a single model by the granny exporter.
  6. Well, as you have seen, the converter should work with multiple meshes in a single model. Granny viewer, in fact, does work with those and shows all of the meshes correctly. It might be due to some naming convention in the ragnarok models, but I'd need to further investigate this: could you please attach an original RO model with multiple meshes along with the multimesh model you were trying to convert?
  7. I'm working on the Bink1 to Bink0 conversion routine now for the next update. If the last version published gave any error, please let me know, so I can fix it and release a "final" version. Also, if you have any feature request/suggestion, let me know.
  8. Okay, a new version is out, as there was a serious bug which could cause the program to crash randomly with no specific reason, since it was addressing a deleted memory block. New download, same link: Download Here Password is still "www.ricky92.com". Changes in this version: Fixed addressing of deleted memory block, causing random crashes or strange exporter name in the output GR2 Added check for Bink1 texture format, which is unsupported in Granny If any textures of that kind are found, the program will print a warning message. Known bugs: Automatic conversion of GR2 files which have a Runtime Type Tag different from 0x80000015 will fail. It should not be the case, as the granny engine should be able to work out the conversion automatically, or at least give a non-working (yet valid) gr2 file as an output. I'll try to investigate further when I have time (which probably means in a few months, lol) I don't have the gr2 format completely sorted out, as I still rely on the original DLLs to load the file in memory and write the converted output. I have planned to create a standalone, cross-platform library to do this, so that the converter could work even on Linux or Mac OS X. It's just a plan and I will not be able to work it out in the near future, though, as I don't have that much free time at all.
  9. Well, it's quite easy, actually. Just drag and drop a 2.6 gr2 file on the .exe, and it will convert it (naming the new file originalname_converted.gr2). Or, otherwise, you could call the tool from the commandline specifying the input file and the output file as the two arguments.
  10. Sorry for having left you waiting for so long. I have had (and I'm still having) a few issues with university, it's taking most of my free time away and I can't do much about it. I haven't been able to develop the GUI version yet, but I am releasing the commandline version now. It should be considered a beta product, since it really doesn't do much apart from the conversion routine. Not many checks or anything, so it might just randomly crash without giving any helpful information. Just don't use Bink1 textures and it should work fine. Please, if you encounter any error, include the gr2 file you were trying to convert in your post (or PM it to me). Download link: http://www.ricky92.c..._21_ricky92.rar Password is "www.ricky92.com" As a side note, I just wanted to say that nobody donated except for Olrox (whom I thank for this), so you don't have to worry about me going on vacation or things like that. I'm not doing this for money, or I wouldn't have released it for free, don't you think?
  11. The project is not dead, I'm sorry. I haven't been able to work on it much, and, quite honestly, I had almost forgot about it. The converter is working (at least I hope), but it can just convert one file at a time, and it is still full of memory leaks. I will need just a week or so to tweak it and maybe make a graphical interface for it. In the meantime, if anyone wants to donate for my work: I've put a lot of effort into this converter, and I will offer it free of charge. Any donation is greatly appreciated.
  12. Okay, I can try exporting the dragon again, but I want to test animations now. Could someone explain to me how animations work in RO? I mean, what animations are used for mobs, like "walk", "attack", etc. Also, if this last test works I will release the converter soon, I just need to write the Bink1 conversion routine and maybe a GUI, so that it will be more intuitive.
  13. New monster to test, this time it's a bit more detailed. Please report if it works desertfox_converted.rar
  14. I guess it's because of the Bink1 image compression format, I think granny supports only Bink0 compression. I'll have to work on a conversion process for that as well. In the meanwhile, I've tried exporting with that texture format directly, but it would be really annoying to set it manually everytime. pyramid_converted.rar
  15. Okay, does ragnarok need external textures, or do they work if they're included in the file itself? I exported the same model, but with textures included in the gr2 files. If needed, I can change the texture path and provide the file as well. pyramid_converted.rar
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