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  1. I'm not sure how the "AG_BATTLE" achievement group works, but looking at the source, I found this: mob.c if (sd->status.party_id) map_foreachinallrange(quest_update_objective_sub, &md->bl, AREA_SIZE, BL_PC, sd->status.party_id, md->mob_id); else if (sd->avail_quests) quest_update_objective(sd, md->mob_id); if (achievement_db.mobexists(md->mob_id)) achievement_update_objective(sd, AG_BATTLE, 1, md->mob_id); if (sd->md && src && src->type == BL_MER && mob_db(md->mob_id)->lv > sd->status.base_level / 2) mercenary_kills(sd->md);
  2. Hello guys, i have a problem with killing achievements... regardless of being in a party, the killcount only goes to player that gave the final blow... Does anyone know a way to fix this? I would like the killcount to register for all members, regardless of who gave the final blow... Thanks for attention
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