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  1. Hello everyone, could you help me, I couldn't solve it.
  2. Hey guys, I need your help, how can I make the script refine only one list of Ids that is of my choice. ID 450086,450087,45088, grace items. Thanks
  3. Do you mean that the maximum you can achieve is +10? Yes that would be it already I put it the way you said mt thank you. Could you tell me how I could switch to charms only items of my choice Ex: ID 450086 grace items to be more exact.
  4. Hi guys, I need your help. I wanted to add the items of my choice for the NPC to refine and I need to know what to change and where to put the IDS for the npc to recognize the items. and if it is possible to limit the refining to +10 Thanks
  5. Guys the npc is doing the enchantments without charging anything, I need to add an item for charging the enchantment the item would be Id 6608 could you help me. Temporal.txt
  6. Good evening everyone, Would it be possible for someone to provide the NPC for enchanting illusion items? Please do not use the Lapine system, I am a newbie and don't understand how to work with it yet. Thank you very much
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