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  1. BrunoMayer7


    Hello guys my server is working normally with the players all right. yesterday the EXP simply crashed and didn't even show an error. do not raise the job or the base level killing monsters ... if someone can give me a hint of what may have happened I appreciate it!
  2. done! Query_SQL "UPDATE `char` SET `quest_points` = `quest_points` + "+10+", `E` = `E` + "+1+" WHERE `char_id` = "+getcharid(0);
  3. BrunoMayer7

    SQL bank

    Hello, I am trying to change something in my sql bank with this comand> Query_SQL "UPDATE `char` SET `quest_points` = `quest_points` + "+10+", `E` = `E` + "+1+" WHERE `account_id` = "+getcharid(3); But wen I use this comand change every char in my account, I want to change only the char that use the NPC. I try change the account_id >>> char_id and it do not work. Query_SQL "UPDATE `char` SET `quest_points` = `quest_points` + "+10+", `E` = `E` + "+1+" WHERE `char_id ` = "+getcharid(3); How I can change the quest_points only in 1 char? I don`t want to change all account. (sorry for my bad English).
  4. Hey guys I would like to make a skill that every time I activate it creates a clone of my character. If you can help me I would be grateful.
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