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  1. I would like to request two system that they called MVP Blueprint System and Monster Fragment System not sure if there is similar thing already exist here but so far i haven't found anything like this. The idea came from lunaro and i just want to have the same thing: https://forum.lunaroclassic.com/index.php?/topic/29-improved-mvp-blueprint-system/ https://forum.lunaroclassic.com/index.php?/topic/27-monster-fragment-system/ Please let me know if this is not allowed to ask. Thanks in advance
  2. Azhul

    ra_koe map

    could someone share ra_koe map?
  3. what is the exact line that is need to be change bcoz i found 4 - Id: GD_EXTENSION inside the guild_skill_tree.yml would you mind to tell what exact line to be change? as i plan to make the max member of a guild to 20 only. hope this is tried and tested
  4. Azhul

    AnnieRuru's KOE

    can i have your KOE script?
  5. Azhul

    AnnieRuru's KOE

    character skill. when player cast skill on emperium.
  6. How to enable KOE EMP healing? i tried using your KOE on my rAthena server everything works fine except on EMP won't heal with skills like sanc and other healing skill. but i tried to heal the WOE emp it works fine. any idea what's the problem?
  7. What did you choose? i'm also looking into reply for this question
  8. Azhul

    Unmanage VPS

    i must be blind not seing those things on their website, anyways thanks akkarin
  9. Azhul

    Unmanage VPS

    Another follow up question. if i order the cheapest VPS that OVH offer for development phase: Would i be able to upgrade it after my development phase for server deployment/RO server opening? And do i have to change or do something if upgrade is possible on my server/clientside.
  10. Which is better Digital Ocean or OVH? and what are the pro's and con's? btw my players are from SEA.
  11. would you mind explain further about the "Run sql or click and NPC with a code that will grant them a Item".
  12. Hello everyone i don't know if this is the right place to post this topic but if i'm in the wrong section please move it for me hehe i want to ask suggestion about having an open beta test for my upcoming server. what i have in mind is giving a non tradeable costume or maybe consumable supplies for all the Beta Test Players but the problem is i don't know how could i do it coz after Beta Test i will be wiping all characters, items etc etc... how could i reward those players who join the beta test? i would appreciate any suggestion
  13. What happened to the thirdparty services of rAthena board? i've been trying to contact well know ppl around here but seems like everyone is busy or not active anymore. wondering what happened here i want to hire for implementation of extended battleground 2.0
  14. I want to make pre-renewal classic server 99/70 but planning to put custom items/maps/mobs.
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