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  1. how can i add bio labs 5 and their monster in my emulator or data client ?
  2. @robothautis @Emistry how can you recompile them??
  3. how to use thiese items ??
  4. @chatterboy problem solved bro, it because i forgot rename iteminfo_v5 file lol
  5. @zackdreaver is that okay with 2018-06-20eRagexeRE ?? cz this is what i got
  6. @MathReaper hello firend do you have this same problem?? there are apple icons on my item and the item names is unknown and the lagtype is idk what to say
  7. what is this, i have been download this, and what should i do next to play it ??
  8. gan di frathena udah update kyk yg di kRO skrg belum gan?

  9. do you know where is link to download full ragnarok offline like latest update on kRO like there are star emperor and soul reaper and their skill and then how to add mount to every 3rd job and alternate sprite of every 3rd job
  10. how to install them, and i have ragnarok offline but the star emperor and soul reaper dont have their 3rd job skill and their sprite still novice sprite do you know how to fix those issues??
  11. do you have ragnarok offline file data with star emperor and soul reaper??
  12. gan boleh tanya2 soal star emperor and soul reaper ga gan


    1. Slammer


      knp gan?


    2. andryowyeh19


      ente udah coba ragnarok offline ny belum gan??
      buat job SE dan SR udah ada skill ny belum pny ente gan??

    3. andryowyeh19


      gan ada discord, wa , line atau apa gtu gan, ane mw nanya2 tolong gan