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  1. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=98Hxhjbh try it
  2. set [email protected]$, "[ ^FF0000Trader^000000 ]"; make sure it's the variable name [email protected] variables are integer not string
  3. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=dnng4smb http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=JwYBip1V Test it first before using (I already tested though) edit: error on card xD wait a sec... edit2: it's working, but try it first maybe I missed something.. Oh yeah, don't forget to configure the NPC beforehand.. OnInit: setarray .item1[1],8048,8049,8050,8051,8025,8053,8054,8055,8056,8057,8058,8059,8060,8061,8062,8063,8064; setarray .item2[1],8128,8129,8130,8131,8132,8133,8134,8135,8136,8137,8138,8139,8140,8141,8142,8143,8144; // -- Just to test don't uncomment this line or you can just delete it anyway... -- //setarray .item1[1],2102,2221; //setarray .item2[1],2106,2227; you need to do @reloadscript or restart your server...
  4. Umm, I tried this and it works, but now NPC's cashshop isn't working. Are there any solution for this?
  5. Updated, Download here for the new one
  6. http://pastebin.com/0mj475ws Haven't tested it yet
  7. uhh is there any solution for this problem? My client can't save the BM keys also after closing the client Settings will saved to [E:\Games\Ragnarok\CleanKRO[04-05-2013]\\SaveData\UserKeys.lub] when you normally exit. Somehow I don't have UserKeys.lub on my SaveData folder and i don't know if that double backslash is client's fault or it's just there...
  8. I've updated the file, but I think it's the latest file I've tried and it's working fine on me o.o
  9. Uhh, I tested it already and it's working fine, try restart the server or reloadscript
  10. Can you give me the error message on your map server?
  11. Hey, it works. But I need a client that has 'zoom out max' and 'doesn't read folder data' diff. I tried WeeDiff, but for some reason it doesn't give me the 'Enable multiple GRF' diff (I already have WDGEnableMultipleGRF.dll on my plugins folder). Can you help me diffing the client? I take the latest ShinDiffer from Judas and it's working good, but I got Gravity Error upon entering map. Do you use any uncommon hex on your client ? All working out nicely
  12. Uhh i'm using hamachi so the IP changed actually, but I already try to change it to and it's still the same message popping when I login
  13. I diffed read folder data, and both clientinfo.xml has localhost ( IP in their address.
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