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  1. @ update solved, I just did not use the shops in the end, this way the items don't get duplicated. @spawnn Not sure why but it's showing duplicate of all items on each npc. The strange thing is that in my localhost is normal, but in the host server is duplicating all items, one normal and one item with discount price (for all characters classes). I found out that loading the npc manually by using @loadnpc the items being sold in the shops do not get duplicated, but if I set the script to be loaded using script_custom.conf all the items on those shops get duplicated. In the map-server I get warnings saying that the items are being sold for free (but they are not since it's a quest shop), and if I set the price to 10 or some small amount it says Item xxx [IDhere] discounted buying price (1->0) is less than overcharged selling price (5->6) in file 'npc/custom/quests/quest_shop.txt' Is there an easy way to solve this or I will have to make Emistry Patch to disable discount on that map and items?
  2. That was too easy. I feel embarrassed, haha. Thank you @spawnn
  3. Hello, I would like to know if there's a way to remove the categories from the Euphy's Quest Shop script (npc/custom/quests/quest_shop.txt). This way when the user clicks on the npc it will directly show the items available to "Purchase". Thanks in advance.
  4. This scrip does not work on my emulator, because I'm using Old Emulator... Anyone could edit this script to work with Old Emulators? Thank you.
  5. You can just change the level 60 to level 99, so only Administrators can use.
  6. File Name: IP Ban Script File Submitter: Hawk File Submitted: 17 Aug 2014 File Category: Utilities Content Author: Yoh Asakura IP Ban Script This script will allow you to Ban any IP from your server. Click here to download this file
  7. 565 downloads

    IP Ban Script This script will allow you to Ban any IP from your server.


  8. Hi. I bought the Quest Window Shop Script from a friend of mine, but I can find the script on my computer. I would like to buy it again, however it's impossible to buy from Rathena. Anyone that has this script could sell to me ? http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2873-quest-npc-with-shop-window-13/ Regards, Yoh.