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  1. Hello, is there any command to leave an equipment running @autoloot automatic when equipping and deactivating the command when unequip?
  2. Motoharo

    NPC Hide

    Thank you!! Worked Can I get him to show up twice a week? Wednesday and Sunday for example
  3. Motoharo

    NPC Hide

    Could someone help me, make this npc stay hidden and only show up at a certain time? I wanted him to show up at 9:00 p.m. and leave at 9:15 p.m.
  4. Yes, but I want to choose a cost
  5. Motoharo

    Script @cart

    Could someone help me create an NPC that uses the @cart command for the player to choose between the 1 ~ 12 appearance of the carts?
  6. Were you able to make the effects work? Does not work here. It worked on Hercules Edit: ID was duplicate in item_db. I erased one and the effect started again.
  7. I recompiled. I'm using the latest version of rathena.
  8. Hello, When I turn on the server I got the error: "[Error]: map_cart_read_config: Cannot read 'conf/carts.yml'." How I can fix ?
  9. Hello, when I was compiling I had this error, can anyone help me?
  10. Thank you!!! Without error now
  11. Hello, I downloaded the rathena from GIT, I configured, but when I start my server, I got a error. I tried to fix placing one more column at the end of each, to be 30 columns, the error disappeared , but bugged my server, the classes are with very low aspd 0 ~ 18 aspd. Does anyone know how to fix it? Without put one more column my aspd is 190 and the weight is 50/30 ( 90% of the weight at the beginning of the game) with all classes LOL Sorry my bad english.
  12. Hello, the npc don't work. Same message ever: "I'm sorry, but your class is not supported."
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