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  1. Demo should be up at: http://nodecontrolpanel.com/ Login with the test account. username: test password: test I'll add more info. Btw, the demo only has login/register/logout and recaptcha. I'm still implementing the lost features until i consider 0.4 a stable release.
  2. nodecp nodecp is a Control Panel built for rAthena and Hercules that is made in node.js and pug as the template engine nodeCP Version History rAthena 0.02 - Official Release 0.1 - View Account, Discord Webhook, Simple Download Page, Footer 0.1.1 - Fixed Item name Repeat 0.1.1-1 - Fixed SQL Injection Vulnerability 0.1.1-2 - Case Sensitive Usernames fix 0.1.2 - Added PHP Parser 0.2.0 - Code Refactor, Re-design. 0.2.1 - Fixes 0.2.2 - Dark and Light Theme, View Account, Custom Databases 0.3 - Dynamic Express Static, Theme Changer 0.3.1 - Pincode System, Code Clean 0.4 - Code Refactor, Better System, Faster. (on Beta) 1.0 - Stable Release! Added *Hidden...* (Soon) Hercules 1.0 - Project Release (Once 0.4 for rAthena is released, this would be released.) FAQ Q: Hello! I would like to contribute to the project A: Just fork the github repo and do your changes there! Once you've done a few pull requests, we would add you as a Collaborator on the Github Repo. Q: How do i become an Organization Member for nodecp? A: You need to be a Collaborator and must Contribute to nodecp and other projects it has. Once you've done a few contributions, we would inform you that you are added from our Organization. Q: Why is there another rewrite for rAthena? A: I felt like the new system won't work out with the old one. So i had to do this. Q: I found an Error! Where do i report it? A: You have multiple options. PM me on Discord (**Universe#7440**), Reply on my rAthena Topic or Open an Issue on Github Q: I am a NodeJS Developer! I want to add my own Features. A: That will be documented soon. Q: So you guys support Hercules now? A: Yeah! It's bad to not support Hercules. I mean, who doesn't like it? Q: Why are some versions missing inside the rAthena/Hercules folder? A: Because some versions are gone from my pc and couldn't be found or the code is simply outdated and won't receive fixes. Q: From what versions are available for Download A: For rAthena, you could download from `0.3.1` to the Present Version. While for Hercules, you could download `1.0` to the Present Version. Requirements nodejs v11 or greater. windows/mac/linux/etc... Basically any Operating System that has nodejs. Support Join our Discord to get support and notified about releases and updates Demo and Github Demo: https://nodecontrolpanel.com/ Github Source: https://github.com/nodecp/nodecp Downloads: https://github.com/nodecp/nodecp-releases
  3. Why not just use the floating ip as the server ip?
  4. How does fluxcp insert the YYYY-MM-DD format in birthdate, cause when i do it, it is formatted to iso. Thanks. Edit: ( Making it much clearer ) Was wandering what does fluxcp do in order to save YYYY-MM-DD format to the birthdate column. Because when i did it, using nodejs. It formatted it to an ISO Date. Anyone knows why?
  5. You don't need to do those, just make sure that your ragnarok server and vps server is in the same ip/machine. Grab your ip by searching "What's my ip". And once you have it, just open ports for that ip. If you're on a VPS, use that ip. And open the ports for char, map and login server. By default those ports are 6900, 5121, 6121
  6. Nope, old ones are structured differently.
  7. Won't that give the ip of the player? And not the server's ip through packets?
  8. Okay thanks, will try. Will update you if it works. Also, btw so i could know if it would work. how would i get the ip that the server is connecting to? From Packets
  9. Would Cloudflare be enough? Or is it just for web? Also, we could also use Floating IPs from Digitalocean right?
  10. try to allow access to the notify url, and add that url on your ipn settings on your paypal account
  11. @kukas9 there should be a patch on nemo for it