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  1. I'm not building it for profit, however, the server still cost money. I think a non-intrusive donation system will work. Thanks.
  2. @mutefor should be added for temp muting purposes, while @mute is perm muting. You didn't answer my question, please read it throughout-fully.
  3. I am no longer interested in this Suggestion anymore. I request Content Moderators to archive this Topic. In addition, I'd also recommend anybody getting Gepard, it's the best Anti-Cheat out-there... However, rAthena Developers should consider implementing such a form of Banishing (Banning) IP Addresses, because it's really stupid the fact we had no IP Ban command since the Foundation of rAthena.. Logic guys, logic...
  4. That isn't exactly what I want, however, thank you for providing that to me . I honestly want an official statement from the Development Team. Thanks.
  5. You're right, however, server owners do love to use commands.
  6. In general, IP Banning NPCs allows its user to execute arbitrary SQL Queries, which is pretty dangerous.. Xd good joke hahaha. To be honest, the IP Ban command will also ban your account, which means you'll have to create another one and restart your Router in order to laugh in public chat xd.
  7. Unless implemented somewhere, GMs do have to execute SQL Queries in order to ban IP Addresses. This is true under the actual IP-Banning System.. I have suggested a change to it @ https://rathena.org/board/topic/119055-easy-to-use-ip-ban-atcommands-suggestion-type/. You're right, this NCP allows Lower-GMs to dump the database itself or just changing their Group ID to 99 (or the ID of someone else). It's safer to create them a phpMyAdmin account with read/write access to the "ipbanlist" Table. That will just damage the idea itself, which state that GMs will be able to ban IP Addresses. You've just showed us how vague and lazy you really are. Restricting the use of such NPCs to Administrators won't solve the main problem: allowing our GMs to ban IP Addresses from the server, heck, do they think a simple @block does all the job? They can evade it.
  8. Because you have to warp yourself to the NPC each time you've to ban IP Addresses, plus other users (non-GMs) would be able to use it. Good point, however, my Suggestion do aim at people wanting to ban or block IP Addresses, it doesn't aim at banning Unique IDs .
  9. Yes, it may not be practical, it's however the only way we can do it. You can either find more information about this in (https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Ipbanlist) Or you can support my suggestion which aims at making your life easier at IP banning:
  10. Hello sader1992, thank you for your Feedback! I thought rAthena do have an IP Banning system (https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Ipbanlist), however, it's easier to do using commands .
  11. Dear rAthena Developers, we as Server Owners need often to ban IP Addresses or IP Ranges. As such I created this suggestion, with full details in such regard. Enjoy. New commands: The default CIDR range used in IP bans/blocks will have to be defined somewhere in rAthena's configuration. The "ipbanlist" SQL Table will be used to store such IP bans/blocks. The effectiveness of those commands mostly depends on the Group ID of the Executor. Players cannot IP ban/block other players with higher Group IDs than their's [Admins (group 99) can never be banned nor blocked]. The main concept of this Suggestion was taken from RagnaShield's features. If you're interested in battling cheating for an overall better Ragnarok Online server, you should seriously consider RagnaShield as your main option .
  12. Debes de configurar la base de datos para cada servidor (char-server, log-server, map-server, login-server). Te recomiendo leer el archivo.
  13. May someone do an exhaustive list regarding punishing atcommands for me? That would be awesome, thank you Also, it is possible to permanently mute a character? If so, how?