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    We believe the Pre-Renewal enviroment has a lot to offer by bringing constant updates and new content from the Renewal, balancing the updates to give new experiences to all types of users: the competitive player and the casual player. Register: http://www.ragnitero.com/Accounts/Register Download: https://forum.ragnitero.com/index.php?threads/download-new-client-v1-15.72/ Web: www.ragnitero.com Basic Information Rates: 3k / 3k / 6k Pre-Renewal - 2nd Job (Trans.) Max Level: 255 / 120 Max Stats: 255 Max Attack Speed: 194 (Aspd) Free Cast: 150 Dex Normal Card: 5.00% MvP / Mini Boss Card: 3.00% Max Party Share Limit: 30 Base Levels Costume Suits and Alt. Costume Suits Mastela Fruit Restores 400 to 600 HP ⇒ Increased healing amount. Main healing item HP. No porcentual healing. Light Blue Potion Restores 60 SP ⇒ Increased healing amount. Main healing item SP. No porcentual healing. Yggdrasil Berry and Seed Fully/One half restores HP and SP. ⇒ Added 8 seconds delay, disabled during WoE, Bg and PvP. Ragnite Coin A special coin that can be exchanged for Costumes headgears or Gravity slotted headgears. Obtained by automated events, Instances and Daily Reward. Introducing Doram race! Lasagna town and Summoner class are now available. They can reach a maximum of Base level 255 and Job level 60. Note: Doram race cannot participate on War of Emperium (WoE) Patch Notes Ragnite Ro preserves the Pre-Renewal features of Ragnarok Online and enhance them balancing the items, enemies and instances of Pre-Renewal & Renewal systems. MvP Respawn time decreased Respawn time have been decreased according to its difficulty/value. Rebalanced Renewal Instances Instances available: Endless Tower, Hall of Abyss, Old Glast Heim, Horror Toy Factory and others! Guild Pack Information Individual Guild pack (Account Bound) and 8 Members/20 Members Guild pack (Guild Bound).
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