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  1. As the title suggests. What are your thoughts
  2. Just wondering which Framework would be best to write desktop apps in that is cross-platform. I see options like Electron.js, QT, wxWidgets, etc. Electron seems to be the pick for more recent ones including Discord. But I am worried about the server-client and security aspect for it. What does everyone think?
  3. nice. btw how optimized is the games made in Unity? I have been planning to try Unity once i upgrade my system.
  4. oh i had no idea ...but then again i wonder how many people use SSDs Because they still have old systems maybe...
  5. Wondering if someone still uses the old Win9x and WinXP operating systems... Personally i prefer linux os like ubuntu but alas RO doesnt work on them 100% (yes it works through wine but i would not call that 100%).
  6. Hey guys, I have been thinking about getting into GameDev. But before I take the leap on the coding language (and perhaps the engine), I wanted to pick the brains of some people here. Which language everyone prefers to use for activities like tool development, game development, etc... I know C++ or Java would be the majority's pick especially with game engines like Unity & Unreal around. Still wondering if other choices are also popular like Go, Rust, D, F#, etc. I see a client being written in D language, but not much activity so I am guessing only the owner is actively developing it.