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  1. Do you mean description ? go to ROFolder/System/ItemInfo.lua/lub
  2. Grim

    PK Mode Counter

    Hi, is there any way to add PVP Counter if my server is on PK Mode. Because when the server is on PK Mode, There's no PVP Counter Visible. *PVP Counter is the something like this " 1/20 " when you are in a PVP Mapflag Area.
  3. Some of my players are encountering this kind of problem. Some are from lite installer and some are from full installer. This is the first time I encounter this problem. There are no errors given on the crash log. Any answers on this one ? Client Date : 2015-11-04 Running on Pre-Renewal
  4. *all_commands Allows usage of all atcommands and charcommands. What : Reduce all_commands permission What I Want : - I want to remove the commands like item, zeny & refine when all_command permission is enabled. So if all_command is true, it will give all commands except item, zeny & refine Why ? I want to lessen corruption on the server.
  5. I know that there is a behavior on mf_pvp that when you die twice then you will go back to your savepoint. Is there anyway to disable that ? I want players not to go back to their savepoint when they died twice on a PVP Map.
  6. Good day, I just want to ask how will I remove doram on the character creation, I'm using 2018-06-20 Client. I tried using NEMO the disable doram patch only works on 2017 Client but not 2018.
  7. I'm a huge csgo fan and hoping to see it soon!
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