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  1. This command will create a 'close' button in the message window for the invoking character. If no window is currently on screen, it will be created. See 'close'. There is one important difference, though - even though the message box will have closed, the script execution will not stop, and commands after 'close2' will still run, meaning an 'end' has to be used to stop the script, unless you make it stop in some other manner.
  2. There are several tutorials like adding in map_cache, remember after adding, recompile the emulator.
  3. Then you have to import into db / pre-re / all the information from izlude .. use weemapcache to extract from db / re / map_cache.dat and then throw it into db / pre-re / map_cache .. Using some updated date with updated data.grf you will already have the new izlude visually, just add the cells through map_cache
  4. Do you want the old izlude or the new?
  5. Use o comando : dispbottom "Seus pontos PvP agora são : " [email protected]; Deixe reputação se ajudei
  6. You are using the old izlude map [visually] with the new izlude map_cache .. If you want the new izlude, you should look for its files. If you want the old izlude, you should look for the files in it and change your map_cache.dat found in db / re / map_cache.dat and put the new izlude file. After that, recompile your emulator. If I helped you, please repute.
  7. Just make an OnLogout script .. Pass the map as a parameter and start the buffers .. if the map is different, it ends. If I helped you in any way or opened a path in your mind, repute :)
  8. Have hexed compatible with your version and use NEMO. Use the recommended options and then select the options you like. Repeat if I helped you :) Best Version actually : 20180620 , for me. Link Nemo 4144:
  9. Eu fiz esse sistema já. Devo ter na vdd.
  10. Effect is something temporary and local, so there is this problem of @go, others arriving later do not see .. For visual items you must apply the .act and .spr files on your date before you can always activate it. Create the physical effect, not local.
  11. You have 2 options: Or do an npc that will check all items and read 1 by 1, finding and listing all mvps cards, I believe there must already be something similar in rAthena .. Or, create an npc that whenever someone drops the MvP card [Announcement Form] or not, that card is added to an array ... or the database itself. I have this system ready.
  12. Repute please yes, but it's more complicated .. some tests are needed to avoid bug's .. and I don't have time to test all possible situations .. I hope someone will use my code as a base and apply what you want, but it is not difficult .. if you want something more detailed, look for me in PM that we can see somehow.
  13. i can't test now, but try this.. exchanger.txt
  14. It's not a typo, it's your own mistake.