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  1. Alem do clã, tem que estar com a skill para oficializar o clã. Isso é basico de ragnarok e.e
  2. you can modified it in msgstringtable.txt or try this : alteration source
  3. There would be a way to make a change, where in these cells, the course was changed to identify the enemy. Because even with noshift, some classes will have disadvantages in these areas. @Mael @Takuyakii
  4. It is not yet possible to test, but the cursor is changed to 'sword' on the enemy target?
  5. all players? map crash ou cliente crash ?
  6. try to give a status [sc_start giving an HP Maximo when you kill someone]
  7. But what I sent will not increase, it will recover your HP when you kill someone.
  8. Para o caso de dar um HP Máximo, quando estiver em um determinado mapa é um pouco mais chato, pois deve tratar tanto quando esta no mapa, assim como sair. Então, não tenho condições no momento de testar e dar um códido valido. For the case of giving a maximum HP, when you are on a certain map it is a little more boring, as you must treat both when you are on the map, as well as leaving. So, I am not able to test and give a valid code.
  9. - script OnKill -1,{ OnPcKillEvent: if( strcharinfo(3) == "pvp_n_1-5" || strcharinfo(3) == "pvp_n_1-3") { // Os 2 mapas em questão percentheal 100,100; // Recupera HP e SP quando mata } end; }
  10. I'm not on a computer to code. But there is a lack of a 'stop' in your 'OnPCLoginEvent:' use return at the right time. Because your script is reading all the 'n' commands of the loop
  12. Use OnInit to save your preferences for account variables.
  13. OnClock0000: announce "your message", bc_all; end;
  14. - script ScriptLOOLP -1,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: if( strcharinfo(3) == "prontera"){ mes " "; } end; } prontera mapflag loadevent Worked.
  15. você não quer que tal situação aconteça, quando o jogador logar no mapa x ? do you not want that situation to happen when the player logs on the map x?