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  1. Holy. I had a 04-10 Client which read it. I guess it was a special Client from Judas .. I send him a message but he don't write back to me
  2. Hi, I need the Client 2012-04-10. I've got the right .lub files but now I need this client. Can somebody give it to me?
  3. Hi, I need the sourcecode for the command @guildstoragepw. With this command you can set a passwort for the guildstorage and you can only acess if you know the pw. Only the Guildleader can set the pw .. here an example: @guildstoragepw 1234 <-(Now the Guildstorage Password has been set to 1234) now let's open the guildstorage: @guildstorage ->(@guildstorage failed - false password) now let's try it with passwort entering: @guildstorage 1234 ->(Guildstorage was opened) Okay and what's if I want to delete the pw? Just type again @guildstoragepw but without anything behind the command: @guildstoragepw ->(Now the password has been removed) I know this code exists so please help me. ;-)
  4. Werdio

    Cart Problem

    Hi. I don't know where I should post this but I'll post it here now. I've got a Rental NPC Script here: Rental.txt //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Universal Rental NPC //===== By: ================================================== //= Euphy //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena SVN //===== Description: ========================================= //= One-click automatic mount rentals. //============================================================ prt_vilg,119,75,1 script Universal Rental NPC 726,{ if (ismounting()) { message strcharinfo(0),"Du musst erst deine Montur entfernen."; close; } else if ((eaclass()&EAJ_THIRDMASK==EAJ_RANGER) && !countitem(6124)) { if (!checkfalcon() && getskilllv("HT_FALCON") && !checkwug()) { if(select("Falcon")==1) setfalcon; else getitem 6124,1; } else getitem 6124,1; } else if ((eaclass()&EAJ_THIRDMASK==EAJ_MECHANIC) && !checkcart() && getskilllv("MC_PUSHCART")) { if (!checkmadogear() && getskilllv("NC_MADOLICENCE")) { if(select("Cart:")==1) setcart; else setmadogear; } else setcart; } else if (!checkcart() && getskilllv("MC_PUSHCART")) setcart; else if (!checkfalcon() && getskilllv("HT_FALCON") && !checkwug()) setfalcon; else if (!checkriding() && getskilllv("KN_RIDING")) { if (eaclass()&EAJ_THIRDMASK==EAJ_RUNE_KNIGHT) setdragon; else setriding; } else if (!checkmadogear() && getskilllv("NC_MADOLICENCE")) setmadogear; else { message strcharinfo(0),"Du erfüllst nicht die Bedingungen um etwas zu mieten."; close; } specialeffect2 699; close; } Sometimes when players go into the PvP their cart disappears. Thats not the only thing. When a Clown spams Tarot Card of Fate and the Priest Card (Debuff) cames the Cart disappears too. By the Dispell skill of the Professor it doesn't disappear. WTF is that? Help me please.
  5. Hello rAthena Team, i've got a big problem with my patcher. Somethimes when I run the patcher i get this message ..... ... Just look: The patching works fine but sometimes I get this message(s) and the patcher close himself :/ And the patcher doens'nt work on WindowsXP users (lol) Okay, here check my neoncube.file / patchlist.txt and my new.html neoncube.ini patchlist.txt ​ new.html ​ On every OS we get this message. And how I said: The Patcher doesn't work on WindowsXP Systems. Please help me. Thanks in advance.
  6. I would be interested too, how to solve this. > Bumping this.
  7. I think you've to define a npc spritenumber somewhere
  8. k solved I just added this into my packet_db.txt Thanks to ossi0110 !
  9. Tranlaste? What I've to translate? My old 2012.04.24a client is working perfect and why not my new diffed 2012.04.24a's ? >.<
  10. Hi, I've got a problem with my new client - 2012.04.24a . On my Old Ragnarok Server I used the same client 2012.04.24a. I build a new server and it works with my old used serverclient. The problem is I wanted to diff a new client with the same date for my new server because I want to change the windowname, increase zoom out and enable Aura over lvl 150. Okay, I diffed the new serverclient but on the charackter select I get the message: "Rejected from server". Hm I think wtf? Then I started the RO with my old serverclient (same date!) and it works ... but the problem is that I want to change the windowname, increase zoom out and enable Aura over lvl 150 (How I said before). Also it works with my old serverclient (same date as my new diffed!) but with the new one I can't connect to the server .... I checked my packet_db.txt and mmo.h but why it shouldn't work? With the old client it works too ;=} packet_db.txt and ... mmo.h n help me x') I hope that you can help me x') Light~
  11. lol but I haven't got id2num and the other ones x.x Can I convert it only with num2card and cardtable to a iteminfo.lub?
  12. Thats it ... I already converted num2 and the other one. Couldn't I change it directly in the iteminfo? lol
  13. iteminfo.lub is the fusion of all item2 and num2 files.
  14. Hi, I tried to add a custom card called Naght Sieger Card. Now .. my Problem is I can't add the Image of the card because I use cskroption.lub (same as iteminfo.lub). data/cskroption.lub [22033] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Naght Sieger Card", unidentifiedResourceName = "À̸§¾ø´ÂÄ«µå", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "^880000Alle Statuswerte + 10^000000", "Reduziert Schaden von Demi Human Monster um 10%.", "Diese Karte ist nicht multiplizierbar!", "^ffffff_^000000", "Gewicht : ^777777 1^000000", }, identifiedDisplayName = "Naght Sieger Card", identifiedResourceName = "À̸§¾ø´ÂÄ«µå", identifiedDescriptionName = { "^880000Alle Statuswerte + 10^000000", "Reduziert Schaden von Demi Human Monster um 10%.", "Diese Karte ist nicht multiplizierbar!", "^ffffff_^000000", "Gewicht : ^777777 1^000000", }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 0 }, In game I see the card and the description. But if I klick on "view" my client gonna crash. I heard, that I need num2itemresnametable.txt or anything else to say to the client that it should read the Naght_Sieger.bmp Naght_Sieger.bmp is in the right path ... data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/cardbmp/Naght_Sieger.bmp The size of this bmp is right too. How I can tell the client, that it should read the Naght_Sieger.bmp for the Naght Sieger card without a num2itemresnametable.txt (because I use a 2012 client) ? :| Light~
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