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  1. View File [Mvp] Card Logo PNG e PSD well, I didn't find the mvp card symbol anywhere and redid it, I decided to share it. It's not perfect, but better done than perfect! kk Submitter Frost-Eduardo Submitted 10/15/2019 Category Other Video Content Author Frost  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    well, I didn't find the mvp card symbol anywhere and redid it, I decided to share it. It's not perfect, but better done than perfect! kk


  3. Hello friends, today I bring a little of what I'm developing for my server, it's a system of forging weapons, armor, etc ... the higher the refining, the more likely to break the item and delete. I'm a beginner, I hope you like it!
  4. future my game will launch and I will post here on showcase the details
  5. Hello friends, I want to introduce my simple craft system, here you can collect resources for your farm, city, or mission. My game is based on a medieval time where workers (players) need to collect things to stay strong
  6. I'm going to make a new showcase showing, it's from my collection system, I like to customize Ragnarok Online has several modifications to the source + hexed + date, it is a bit laborious, but worth it
  7. Hello friends, I bring a modification here to the community, a great friend helped me realize this dream of having a rag with a totally different style from the ordinary Design: Frost Source: Makarov
  8. I will format the computer, this is the ntdll.dll that is with problem or corrupted, I used a program to clean the pc he did something he should not.
  9. @hendra814 Did you find a solution? my 2018 client started this error
  10. You're using spaces between numbers, and in my this was giving error you: (2, 6) my: (2,6) try: {callfunc("func_UpdateCampFire",rand(1,5),30,rand(1,8)); }
  11. if it did not give the emulator any problem in the diff part, then you have to see things in item_db, send me like this your item_db and also send me the function you're using
  12. try to start from scratch, part by piece without forgetting any line, check it, it will work
  13. Hello friends, I always see members posting wonderful materials and I have already bought some too and today I would like to leave one of my most exclusive materials. I'm not a professional, but I worked with design all my life, I'm a professional photographer so Photoshop was always my friend. Today I want to show you my Launcher Custom project, I call it ExtremeX. What is it and what is it for? The Launcher replaces the old ragnarok default Login screen, giving a better look like the new MMORPG It also has an external video system, where you can remove and change the background video when you want For your convenience the design of it you choose 100%, we already have several clients and soon below I will leave the ones that I already did. - INTEGRATED THOR UPDATE - CUSTOM DESIGN - INTEGRATED VIDEO - SAVE USER - STOP ANIMATION - MINIMIZER (IT IS MINIMIZED WHILE THE GAME IS ACTIVE, AFTER THE CLOSE OF HEXED THE LAUNCHER RETURNS) This launcher does not interfere with SHIELD or GEPARD because it is an external application via sso packet. the integrated updater is the "thor patcher" HEXEDS PERMITTED: 2013+ that accept SSO LOGIN PACKET in diff VIDEO PRESENTATION: other options such as "BECOME VIP, REGISTER ACCOUNT, CREATE ACCOUNT AND VOTE" are also easily added to the customer's taste. Good, this is it! Thank you for viewing my portfolio.
  14. @JaranSwitch0101 just follow the diffs, and add the script and item_db, have no error, I adding here and it worked perfectly. You must be missing something.