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  1. How to make it so that the npc does not loop? - script CardCollection -1,{ OnPCStatCalcEvent: recalculatestat; dispbottom "Loop Check."; disablenpc "CardCollection"; sleep2 100; enablenpc "CardCollection"; end; }
  2. How to make sc_start and sc_end scripts trigger/call for OnPCStatCalcEvent label? Side Question: Does script command rescalculatestat; also trigger OnPCStatCalcEvent label?
  3. 1 problem with the OnPCStatCalcEvent: is that npcs and/or items that use the sc_start script will conflict and clear out the passive bonuses given. issue: sc_start does not call for OnPCStatCalcEvent even tho sc_start actually recalculates a character's stats.
  4. I need the npc to check the Novice Skill "Basic Skill" if it is Level 9 to allow job changing.
  5. Ninanakaw ba ng mga Ragnarok Hostings yung mga possible src mods?
  6. Hi guys, what should I do for the jobmaster.txt so that it will do a Basic Skill Level 9 check even if you set it to .SkillPointCheck = false; ?
  7. How to make it limit recording and giving pvppoints outside of the set/selected maps
  8. What I meant is that there should be something in the battle/item.conf configuration, so you don't have to edit it in the src then recompile every time you change setting and don't have to edit out hundreds to thousands of healing items in db
  9. With rAthena being highly configurable and the possibility of high rate servers with very high stats and hp/sp, there should be a config that adjusts the itemheal rate.
  10. why is the Item Enchant limited to only 4? Suggestion: - give the item_passive_script system a flag for when the item is stored in storage instead. This way, we can mimic the card collection system in RO:Mobile. item_passive_script and item_passive_status is bugged. stormbreakerbug.mp4
  11. True, there isn't actually an official Mado Mechanic alternate but when I'm using your grf, everytime I would try to Ride a Mado from alternate Mechanic, I'd get error.
  12. What is the Folder names for the Rebellion Class and Summoner Class, also their mounted types. For the purpose of adding robes. Thank you.
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