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  1. Apparently this is an rAthena problem. I'll try to solve it when I get home, but if anyone is having the same issue, or anything related to instance, leak and map crashes here are some issue topics on github that might help: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/3387 https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/3386 https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/3369 https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/3336 Also, it seems that these are the solutions: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/3384 https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/3347 Edit: I think that all of those changes are already implemented. Instance commands and some maps are still unstable. I'm pretty sure this is an rAthena problem because I tested it on a server without any modifications, with default instances (just changed entry map on instance_db). I'm not sure which are the stable versions, or if this is already fixed. If you have any solution, I'd be grateful.
  2. Cara, coincidentemente tive um problema parecido. Vou procurar uma resposta também, aí posto aqui. https://rathena.org/board/topic/116856-map-server-leak-instance/?page=0#comment-351045
  3. After a lot of effort on an instance script, I started testing it, and noticed that, whenever a player was in the instance, and another one entered the same instance (on a different party), map server would crash. Spent some hours trying to figure out the reason, so I created a script that only does the following: instance_create("Name"); instance_enter("Name"); To reproduce the error, I entered the instance (lets say entry map is mymap1), got warped, and then runned @warp mymap1. Map server would crash, just like it did. Then, I started changing the entry maps of my instance in instance_db. As the error would not occur on Ghost Palace, I tryed to change my instance's map entry to Ghost Palace's map, and the error didn't happen. As all of my instance entry maps were duplicates of real maps, I changed them for the real maps (new_zone03 and orcsdun01, for example). When testing with new_zone3 as entry map, the error did not occur, but with orcsdun01, it did. Packet obfuscation is disabled, I've tryed to recompile the server, and a lot of other stuff. Do you guys have any idea of what I am missing? Thanks Here's map_server error: Map-Server has shutdown successfully. Restarting in 15 seconds, press Ctrl+C to cancel. [Status]: Memory manager initialised: log/map-server.exe.leaks
  4. This link should help anyone with the same problem: https://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic908922-391-1.aspx
  5. Hi guys, it is the first time I'm developing a website (used django framework). I'd like to know how can I integrate both website and rathena databases without using plain text. Django framework already uses encryption, but I could only integrate both tables with a python SQL library and plain text being copied from one table to the other (which, I know, is far from good). Can you give me any light or tutorial? Thank you!
  6. Found the problem. For some reason, server was not prioritizing conf/import/char_athena over conf/char_athena. Same for map_athena. Just deleted conf/import/char_athena and map_athena, and did the whole configuration directly at conf/char_athena and conf/map_athena. Also, had to do the usual procedure of fowarding ports 6900, 6121 and 5121, adding subnet: to my subnet and adding my WANIP to data/clientinfo.xml of my friends.
  7. All the IPs in inter conf are return ips (, but locally everything is working. Should I change it? Also, my subnet_athena is like subnet: subnet:
  8. Hello guys. I've tryed to open my server so that my friends would be able to join, but had some issues. I already forwarded the ports 6900 6121 5121, correctly edited conf/import/char_athena and map_athena (with respective local and server IPs), and added a data/clientinfo.xml with my external IP to my friend's game folder. They are being able to log in, see how many players are connected in the server, but once they select the server, it just keeps loading and the character screen doesn't appear. Their IP is being updated at my database. What am I missing? Could it be subnet_athena or login_athena? Thanks.
  9. That's what I'm going to do. I wanted to know if there was an easier way, so I wouldn't lose time updating countless maps, but if that's the only way, I'll go for it. Thank you guys
  10. I've made a bunch of custom maps and forgot to link their respective minimaps at resnametable.txt. Is there any way to disable the "resource file loading fail" warning whenever I enter a map?
  11. joao

    Data mining

    Is there a viable way to collect player data such as click rate, mouse movement speed, cursor heatmap, dieing frequency, attacking frequency, session avg time, packages exchange rate, etc? I'm sure there's no right or complete answer to this question, but anything that could give me a light would help. Thanks!
  12. Entrei lá, essa semana foi bem corrida pra mim mas agora to de volta
  13. Inglês fluente e interesse de ajudar no projeto pessoal. O que acham de criar um discord pra comunicação?
  14. Got it, thanks for the help. Just an update for anyone who might come to this topic searching for help: I found out you can't use decimals in sql_query function as well, but what you can do is Power/root operators in sql_query using the POW() SQL function.
  15. Despite of rAthenas' scripts not supporting decimals, I was wondering if there's a way to, for example, write a formula in C, compile it, and then call this C script inside a rAthena script (or must I do everything in C?). If you guys know any other way, or have any other suggestions on using decimals in rAthena, I'd love to hear. Thanks for the support! EDIT: If I, for example, assign a formula to a variable (even if it contains divisions), and then multiply it by 10000000 (assuming there's a limit to the decimals), would it work properly or would I have any problem (maybe overflow)? Example: [email protected] = (x/7)*100000000
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