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  1. hi sader1992 i think the solution you mentioned is almost impossible could you tell me where i can start to solve this issue from grf file? or client.exe? or server files ?
  2. hi crazyarashi first , Thanks for passing i can write in arabic but the text start from left to right like > unlike English which starts from ltr so when i write a full stop or any other punctuation marks or when i write a long text the Sentence lose its regulation .
  3. hi world ! i want to know how to change line alignment from ltr to rtl in order to support arabic language like in image > or where i can start to search to find solution for this problem
  4. hi Tokei , thanks for this advanced gadget i have a problem some files in my the grf don't open (there is no data ) and when i open KRO grf all files open correctly .
  5. when i translates NPCs to arabic , but the Sentence does not appear correctly . like in picture :
  6. samisaher

    aRO !

    but i wanted the translated files like NPC ..etc , then i can merge it with the rathena server and then it will be easy to translate the rest .
  7. samisaher

    aRO !

    Where can I find the files of the Arabic Ragnarok server (tahadi) ?? Because I looked everywhere in the net ..