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    Custom Skills

    the reason for my post is to see if someone has a guide, who could provide about custom skills, write the general idea of what I need, implement 5 skills customs, the idea is that as you do 99 / 70, you can go to an npc type platinum skills, and choose one of the available races, a werewolf example, it sends you to make a quest, after doing it you get the werewolf skill, it reaches level 5, and every one you go up a level of skill gives you 1 + str, 1 + vit and 1- dex, this part I already have it, what I want is for the npc to give you the skill depending on the race, and to appear or be upgraded in the skill tree , it is worth mentioning that my pjs will be in 99/75, someone that helps me pls, the skills I can already make them appear in the job that I want, I just need what I mentioned before, like to be enabled by an npc, platinum type , I hope help thank you very much
  2. Pues mira la verdad, busque y en el mmo.h no modificas nada, tampoco en clif_packetdb.h, el que debes de moficar es el src/config/ packages.h ahi es donde pones el año de cliente, espero te sirva
  3. mi emulador no trae la packet_bd.txt que hago no me compatibiliza, pls urge
  4. pero dentro del core.h no viene ninguna parte de la que mencionas, que es lo que se tendria que hacer ahi, yo tengo configurado todo, entro al server sin problema cuando creo mi char e intento loguear me saca del servidor, ayuda