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  1. nop, it's from my same mvp room script (mob_db original from emulator) ex: bossnia_01,0,0,0,0 boss_monster Angeling 1096,2,1200000,0,1 bossnia_01,0,0,0,0 boss_monster Deviling 1582,2,1200000,0,1 1 - I did not modify anything and neither is ping (i'm sure) 2 - Yes, it's the monsters: Angeling, Ghostring, Deviling, Tendrillion, Hardrock Mammoth, Evil Snake Lord, Dark Illusion, Eddga, Maya Purple and Elvira. ***others are normal*** 3 - answer 1 4 - Hexed 20150916, i use it ramod 2015 (what would it be rathena hash?). Thank you for your help!
  2. when I get close to certain monsters, they walk very fast... vid: ***ignore background sound***
  3. would it be a modification in src? (mob.c) I would like to leave it: [ nickname ] got [ monster name ] the item [ drop ] with (chance: %) note: I already edited the file map_msg.conf line 541 and it did not work =(
  4. good afternoon, I wonder if this is removed on the data or in some diff (hexed 2015) ss:
  5. nothing happened nor does the safety wall use more... ***my emulator is ramod 2015***
  6. my db: 19109,Valhalla_Idol,Valhalla Idol,4,0,,300,,2,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,512,1,70,1,1423,{ bonus bMaxSP,50; bonus3 bAutoSpell,"MG_SAFETYWALL",10,50; },{},{} Do you have any commits that have been fixed? Was to invoke on the user's base not on the target.
  7. Is missing refining shield and armor. script: Detail: /\ he is refining a low item (Rosa Escarlate)
  8. print: where this file is located ?
  9. Yes, I'm using your pack. What procedure do I have to do to use the custom ones? Edit data.ini or merge to my grf custom ? or neither ?