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  1. Hi sir, Is this script still working? and how do I run this script
  2. I tried looking at the forums and files but none works others have errors. I just need a simple pvp ladder that records K/D for maps guild_vs5 guild_vs3 guild_vs4 kill announcer will be a bonus Thank you in Advance
  3. Hi do anyone know free vps provider or any sites where I can test run my server? I just need to make a dry run before I purchase official vps provider. Thanks!
  4. Thank you all for your reply Do you think a simple VPS can support up to 100 players at max? Thank you Yeah XD, I've been customizing on my windows laptop. I tried searching at ovh and their Linux plan is $2.35 per month while for windows is $10 per month. Well... in your point of view is it hard to move from windows to linux? I've been using windows ever since Have never used any other OS except for iOS lol. Thank you
  5. I've been customizing my test server for a long time now and I want to put it online so other people can play. I am new to this server/hosting whatever thing. what do I need to start my own server? I've been looking at ovh but I don't understand anything help pleasee. I want to make it online.
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