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  1. From the answers I think I failed to communicate why I'm asking this. I'm just a player worried about stupid admins abusing their power so I want to know what exactly they can do with the tools. I think Gepard is amazing and I'm sorry if this came out wrong. Since I don't think my questions will get an answer, can you at least tell me if admins can take screenshots of my screen when the game is closed? Or what kind of powers they have once I'm running Gepard as a player? I don't have the skills to reverse engineer the DLL and I don't know much about programming. Again, my bad.
  2. I would like to ask the community or Gepard's creator (@Functor?) about some of the features people are telling me about. Can a server admin take screenshots of my screen? If the answer is yes, does it capture all the windows I have open (not only the game), individually? Can they take screenshots while the game is not running? Can a server admin or Gepard execute code, on demand, on my machine without my knowledge? Can a server admin or Gepard get random files from my computer on demand? Does Gepard only runs when the game is open, or does it install more stuff in your system?