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  1. Fix, Was DEP from Windows what couse this. Thanks.
  2. NVM ya lo solucione, esto es por DEP de windows. Saludos.
  3. Te recomiendo compilar en una maquina linux, ahora es mas fácil, con docker puedes hacer todo y no necesitar instalar nada mas que docker. Deberías buscar alguna guía de como hacerlo. Saludos.
  4. Hola, postie este error en client-side support, pero no obtuve mucha ayuda el principal problema es que al ejecutar cualquier exe que diffeo en no se ejecuta, se suspende automáticamente, quiero dejar claro que antes me funcionaban, que luego de actualizar windows y que ya he probado des-instalando 360 total security.
  5. Thanks zackdreaver, but this is not a fresh windows install, and i install direct 9 like you say, but don't work. my graphic driver is up to date, the thing is, when i try to open another exe that was install on my sistem, it work perfectly, but no the ones that i download from
  6. Hi, Sorry for my bad english. the problem is that a few weeks ago i created an executable, and it worked perfectly, but after updating windows 10 today, my executable wont start, in the task manager it tells me that it was suspended and then it closes, the truth is, i have no idea what happens, as far as the diff is done, it was through the page i know it's old, but I'm going back to this, and like this this worked for me. like i say, a week ago is was working fine, with an without 360 total security.