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  1. good morning good afternoon or good night Does anyone by any chance know how to do such a thing? Put the ability as splash and it hits the first target it passes in front of. For example, placing an ice barrier in front of a player and when you cast the ability, it hits the barrier and not the player behind it like this: https://i.imgur.com/sH5qtRC.png I found this in skill.c, but is this really where I should move? void skill_attack_blow(struct block_list *src, struct block_list *dsrc, struct block_list *target, uint8 blewcount, uint16 skill_id, uint16 skill_lv, int64 damage, unsigned int tick, int flag) { int8 dir = -1; // default direction //Only knockback if it's still alive, otherwise a "ghost" is left behind. [Skotlex] //Reflected spells from not bounce back (src == dsrc since it only happens for direct skills)
  2. [Error]: Invalid storage with id 0 How to fix? Says there is no space in the warehouse
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