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    Eris Ragnarok Online

    Why ErisRO? * High rate 99/70 Transcendent Class. * Multiclient enabled: Max 3 * Auto Ban: Bots and Hacks attempt 24/7 Surveillance * Updated Gepard Client Shield. * All donate items are available on Quest. Farmers and Donors have the same item privileges. * Easy Zeny Farming via Bag trader NPC. No need to farm elsewhere. * Fun and Enjoyable community. So many nationalities you can play with. * Diabolus gears, Proxy, are temporarily disabled for balancing purposes. * MVP and mini boss cards are disabled for balancing purposes * Highly active War of Emperium with many guilds participating daily. * Fun PVP gaming with lots of people to play with. * Gpack for entering guilds * Starter pack for solo and new players * Solo players have the same leverage with guild players. (Starter pack wise) * Lots of costumes to choose from.
  2. Hey I have a question regarding skills, since I have found so many bugs and error and I couldn't fix it, I need your help! It's for Pre-Renewal. 1. Magic Rod skill: I know that in the official RO you can't use it directly, however I need to know how to edit the script in order to be able to activate this skill with no delay without receiving magic spell 2. I need to know how do you fix this bug: Professor can dispell any player while hiding/cloaking when Box of Sunlight is used, in which I know it won't unless the player is revealed visible. 3. Sprinkle Sand is not working against cloaking/hiding player when Box of Sunlight is used, in which I know you can do that since I am a veteran in playing Assassincross. Please help me to fix this bug with your answer, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks