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  1. Do you have the monsters minions of the league of legends?

    I am creating a BG moba style league of legends.

    1. smiths12


      Don't have, sorry.

  2. rodrigodias

    League of Legends Map!!

    very good, I'm creating a bg moba style league of legends, but I still do not have a map of this. I'm interested
  3. - script check_pvp -1,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: if (getmapflag( strcharinfo(3),mf_pvp )) { message strcharinfo(0),"The map is currently in PVP mode so be ready!"; } end; } pay_fild08 mapflag loadevent
  4. rodrigodias

    On / off emulator ?

    What is the command to turn the emulator on and off only in a folder?
  5. em qual parte da source que altero para traduzir o horário do servidor. ex: saturday = sábado / april = abril. se alguem pode me manda a parte da alteração agradeço... ^^