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  1. i want make like reborn lvl 1~5.but example Lv1 Player < with fakename then if want party or pm i will say no user with that name to make if fakename player can party thank for your time
  2. thank
  3. i want to make @main with delay..example each using @main need wait 10 second to use @main again..thank your for ur time >,<
  4. i making new woe map and new name also.but when someone conquer not appear in sgcp guild castle standing..pls need help thank you for ur time
  5. thank mate...thank you for ur time and thank you so much currently the mob_avai fix my situation here..btw thank so much guy
  6. i want costum mob.with sprite marine.can anyone help me where to put it or give me some guide pls..thank what im gonna say is make new mob with same sprite MARINE_SPHERE..need help old client got no problem but new client..erk..thanks for ur time
  7. thank mate but can i know..edit what in lua file....need adding in there too.if need what name that need to edit..thank for your time oh now i know..thank you so so much mate... thank <3 u
  8. thank irata
  9. hello guy i want to ask u something...i just follow all client support here but why suddenly need to put me 11039,Blue_AngelWings,Blue Angel Wings,5,,1000000,3,,3,,2,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,001,,50,1,719. its not show in that support..hope u can help me..thank for ur time
  10. how to adding costum item here..
  11. i mean that suitable svn for windows 7 x64 bit...
  12. yes sir....
  13. please give me link for server file window 7 x64bit..thank for help and thank for ur time
  14. can u suggest me with 1 good server file for 2nd job and the client pls..thank for your time
  15. how to disable svn version in game when login..thank you for spend ur time