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  1. Is there any way how to fix FCP. If you got Full Strip or Single Strip, you cant use FCP is there any way how to fix this? thanks in advance
  2. Hello guys, do you have Clickable Hourly Kafrapoints Rewarder? I can't find anything in Rathena Search Button. Thank you
  3. Requesting Spider Web works like Ankle Snare Trap. TIA. already try to change the skill.db "enemy" to "ground" but it only walks to the spider web not traping them. using Latest Rathena BTW
  4. it always goes like this every time i clicked "runserver". the server compiled pefectly and no errors and this thing always happens. to run my server i clicked "char-server", "login-server", "map-server" manually. please help me with this issue! thanks in advance!
  5. can anyone help me with this error? i tried to use this sl modification to my trunk and i got error. please help me! Thanks in advance to my trunk and i got this er
  6. im using the latest rathena in github. after i complied then run the server this happens. how to fix this? thanks!
  7. Hello devs, can you help me how to fix this? there's no dota sound when i kill a players. thank you in advance!
  8. Can you revise this script. Its is possible to make this script 2 per jobs only race to max. and then the npc will broadcast whos that person is? Thank you prontera,155,170,5 script Reward NPC 99,{ set [email protected],255; //Set your servers max base level here. set [email protected],70; //Set your servers max job level here. set [email protected],501; //Set your reward item here. if (BaseLevel != [email protected] && JobLevel != [email protected]) end; mes "Congratulations, you've achieve the max level in the server, here's your reward!"; getitem [email protected],1; close; }
  9. How to Fix This? Im using 2007-02-12. thank you
  10. can you add sir only the players in the map who will have item every kill of mvp?
  11. Can you revise this script. it should be All Party Member who killed the MVP will Recieve the Reward? THANK YOU - script Items -1,{ OnNPCKillEvent: setarray .mobid[0],1039,1046,1059,1086,1087,1096,1112,1115,1120,1147,1150,1157,1159,1190,1251,1252,1272,1373,1388,1389,1418,1492,1511,1582,1583,1623,1630,1658,1685,1688,1708,1719,1734,1751,1768,1779,1785,1832,1871,1873,1885,2022,1096,1873,1830,1839,1307,1283,1302,1582,1093,1205,1783,1681,1120,1259,1626,1720,1920,1918,1921,1833,1090,1289,1262,1203,1870,1700,1295,1320,1702,1831,1701,1755,1754,1703,1829,1710,1705,1707,1712,1711,1706,1704,1709,1204,1089,1092,1765; // MvP Ids for (set [email protected], 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.mobid); set [email protected], [email protected] + 1){ if (killedrid == .mobid[[email protected]]){ getitem 7515,1; } } end; }
  12. can you help me with this script instead of PLAYERS NAME can you change it to PARTY NAME every time the party kill an MVP monster. - script Test -1,{ OnNPCKillEvent: setarray .mobid[0],1039,1046,1059,1086,1087,1096,1112,1115,1120,1147,1150,1157,1159,1190,1251,1252,1272,1312,1373,1388,1389,1418,1492,1511,1582,1583,1623,1630,1658,1685,1688,1708,1719,1734,1751,1768,1779,1785,1832,1871,1873,1885,2022,1096,1873,1830,1839,1307,1283,1302,1582,1093,1205,1783,1681,1120,1259,1626,1720,1920,1918,1921,1919,1833,1090,1289,1262,1203,1870,1700,1295,1320,1702,1831,1701,1755,1754,1703,1829,1710,1705,1707,1712,1711,1706,1704,1709,1204,1089,1092,1765; // Add MvP Ids set .a, 1; for (set [email protected], 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.mobid); set [email protected], [email protected] + 1) if (killedrid == .mobid[[email protected]]) set [email protected], 1; if ([email protected]) end; if (.a) if (getgmlevel() >= 1) { announce "[ GM ] "+strcharinfo(0)+" has killed MVP Monster named [ "+getmonsterinfo(killedrid,0)+" ] which located at the map of [ "+strcharinfo(3)+" ]",0; end; } }
  13. Is there any script for lvl 70+ enable to kill someone? 70 and below you can't kill someone? even you are in pvp maps when you are lvl 70 and below you cant kill him/her/ thank you
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