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  1. Yeah, I've done some research and saw they are in data.grf Thank you
  2. Hi, I'm thinking to create an android application that can be use to browse item/skill/monster's database like in ratemyserver.net I did a quick search on google for the databases and I found this. I should be able to extract strings from .txt but I think I'll have some problems like how I can get the images and descriptions. For example, item's database has this structure: ID,AegisName,Name,Type,Buy,Sell,Weight,ATK[:MATK],DEF,Range,Slots,Job,Class,Gender,Loc,wLV,eLV[:maxLevel],Refineable,View,{ Script },{ OnEquip_Script },{ OnUnequip_Script } I would need other files to have the images and script's readable descriptions besides this txt file. Is there any other source where I can download databases with complete informations? This is my first time in this forum and I have no idea how things work here D: Thank you
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