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  1. About Air Time Server

    thank you very much for suggestion Winz, i want to try all system on rAthena i don't want to make money form that system but i want to know about how there system work ^^"
  2. About Air Time Server

    Yes that i mean ^^"
  3. About Air Time Server

    hello, i see this in Char_athena.conf // Type of server. // No functional side effects at the moment. // Displayed next to the server name in the client. // 0=normal, 1=maintenance, 2=over 18, 3=paying, 4=P2P char_maintenance: 3 i think it can make server with Air Time System but i don't know how to use that. i want : only player paying for Air time Card 15 day,30 day bla bla ... can play that it possible? sorry about my english.
  4. Guild Vs Guild Event

    hello, everyone can you give me this npc? ex. Only GuildMaster Can register. > Choose Mode 16vs16, 22vs22, 36v36 or 56v56. > Choose GvG map > Choose Time For play 30min. , 1 hrs. > set a prize (like : Zeny or item in his inventory) then if they registered All GuildMember will automatically warp at GVG MAP thanks in advanced. this is like a Guildwar event. but its a only 2 guild can do event. a prize will be add to Winner (Guildmaster) or send it back if no one destroy and emprerium sorry for my english. bump