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    Im Just Newbie & Need Learn More & More... Thx For Respect & Teach Me ^_^

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  1. wt if map guild_vs3 & pvp_y_1-2??? how to create 2 map??
  2. How can i create npc remover cant remove item / cards me.. thx
  3. can someone tech me how to use this script.. im newbie in this thx alot
  4. Guys.. Can U Help Me Fix This Prob??? When i Update Patch Alwys Keep Error n Error.. i want update iteminfo.lua.. can some teach me or guide me??? mybe with video
  5. i also dono how to tell u about the line.. bcz i just copy from web... btw.. can u gve me another script for farmzone?? thx
  6. ( for the job change i think you use rathena-master\npc\custom\jobmaster.txt just open it and edit it ) done.. nice thx 4 help
  7. This my script
  8. Hi All..Im still new in here.. i hve some problem about my server i make farmzone for ppl farm.. but i dono how to make monster inside get dmage only 1 when ppl attack.. can u help me fix?? next i have problems about respawn time mob inside farmzone.. they take time to long for respawn.. can u help me fix make 2sec respawn?? last i hve problem my server 2nd job.. but ppl can change rebelion / kageruo job.. how to closed it..
  9. Nice job bro.. hope u can post more nice n cool costume.. i like u job