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    Im Just Newbie & Need Learn More & More... Thx For Respect & Teach Me ^_^

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  1. ShahLegends

    PvP Points System

    great.. thx alot
  2. ShahLegends

    PvP Points System

    wt if map guild_vs3 & pvp_y_1-2??? how to create 2 map??
  3. ShahLegends

    Card Remover not 100% Success HELP

    How can i create npc remover cant remove item / cards me.. thx
  4. ShahLegends

    baby woe loadevent

    can someone tech me how to use this script.. im newbie in this thx alot
  5. ShahLegends

    Patcher Update Error

    its sokay.. now alrdy fix..
  6. ShahLegends

    Patcher Update Error

    Guys.. Can U Help Me Fix This Prob??? When i Update Patch Alwys Keep Error n Error.. i want update iteminfo.lua.. can some teach me or guide me??? mybe with video
  7. ShahLegends

    Help Me Fix Mob Damage.. thx alot

    waa thx alot..
  8. ShahLegends

    Help Me Fix Mob Damage.. thx alot

    i also dono how to tell u about the line.. bcz i just copy from web... btw.. can u gve me another script for farmzone?? thx
  9. ShahLegends

    Help Me Fix Mob Damage.. thx alot

    ( for the job change i think you use rathena-master\npc\custom\jobmaster.txt just open it and edit it ) done.. nice thx 4 help
  10. ShahLegends

    Help Me Fix Mob Damage.. thx alot

    This my script
  11. ShahLegends

    Help Me Fix Mob Damage.. thx alot

    Hi All..Im still new in here.. i hve some problem about my server i make farmzone for ppl farm.. but i dono how to make monster inside get dmage only 1 when ppl attack.. can u help me fix?? next i have problems about respawn time mob inside farmzone.. they take time to long for respawn.. can u help me fix make 2sec respawn?? last i hve problem my server 2nd job.. but ppl can change rebelion / kageruo job.. how to closed it..
  12. ShahLegends

    [ Collection ] EL Dragon

    Nice job bro.. hope u can post more nice n cool costume.. i like u job