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  1. hey guys im erroring at new_1-1 and some other maps like quiz_00 im just wondering what folder in the data folder contains maps...?? i tested another grf and its working fine... while the one im using.. i always get an error... when warping there.. help pls thnk you!
  2. hey guys im having trouble on interface of stats... do you know how to fiex this??? thank you so much im using 2011 03 15 client and tested 2011 11 16 same output thnk you so much!!
  3. ohhh its working nowww )))) thnk you so much...!!!!!!!!!!
  4. hey guys.. i applied a custom map.. and i dunno how to make like @go 36... im always getting a compiling errors and cant start the server luckily i backed up: i followed this guide http:[email protected] but it ididnt work for me... help pls thnk you so much!!
  5. This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Mapflag
  6. This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Multiple Servers
  7. have you edited groups.conf? try to go on your mysql browser, ragnarok->login->edit group_id and make it 99
  8. Mee too anna and will.. Help guys
  9. Congrats rathena more power!! )
  10. thnks brian.. haha im a newbie like a boss HAHA thnks again
  11. how do i bring back the old font back.. and the old guild interface with guildname e.g Test Test i tried enable use normal guild brackets nothing changes still the bold fonts and guilds like ths e.g Newbie Test help please ive been searching alot , but it seems i cant find what im looking for... help thnks and regards
  12. conf/battle/client.conf min_hair_style: 0 max_hair_style: 25 min_hair_color: 0 max_hair_color: 7 min_cloth_color: 0 max_cloth_color: 127
  13. thnks for this.. it solved my rainbow cloth color issue haha NOH
  14. haha thnks! yeah solved ... but using search engines but could find the right one haha maybe im not searching enough hahaha thnks btw