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  1. If the custom jobs patch works for 2012 you may be in luck with that, but the skill effects and all, wouldn't be available until the newer clients
  2. for the iteminfo part, you should follow an existing card from there like poring card. So the resource name is the same. That should at least fix the missing sprite problem
  3. One way would be to find a changelog to where support of 2013+ clients were made, and then manually apply those changes to the eamod for those clients to work
  4. Not necessarily mediafire, but you can download the full client no parts here: https://www.nickyzai.com/?p=kro
  5. http://hercules.ws/board/topic/6018-how-to-duplicate-map/ Here's a link that Dastgir explains the process. It's straight forward to follow: Let us know if you get stuck anywhere
  6. what is your main town. Can you diff your client to show error messages, that may help to see if anything custom related or something missing
  7. https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation It says you're missing the iteminfo.lua file, you can download it from the above link and other clientside files
  8. does your clientinfo.xml look fine? If that looks okay, check the job sprite folder possibly
  9. the vending.c file of it is probably incorrect then.
  10. cool! Glad you were able to get it working
  11. http://supportmii.com/ro1/Clients/Judas_Setups/2013/Vanilla_SmallClient_Diffs.7z mmo.h make sure to set to 20130807 and recompile Drag small client files to your full ro client directory Diff folder included if you want to import the diffs/log to see what diffs were selected for NEMO
  12. Would it help with just supplying the small client files you need to get things up and running for you?
  13. yeah it's possible, not through files, but through hex the client. You can pm me for more details for the service and questions
  14. Judas


    I'm guessing that he wants @hold, so players stay in place. When they spam skills and what not, they dont' want to by mistake move to another location
  15. you have to use an npc range, I think it's anywhere from 1-1000 that can be used. Then 10000+ onwards. It's somewhere in there, you can look to the npcidentity to get the idea
  16. and what do you want the skill bar to change to?
  17. only pvp? Do you have any npcs scripts that could do something? Disable npc folder, and see if you are in pvp, does the same think occur
  18. yeah, you would see if you don't use that option, then it will make it not close all the processes correctly. That is what I have seen....I dont' know if anyone else has encountered this issue
  19. yes, the sprites and skills are supported in the client
  20. do you use multi client? I noticed this happens when I tick that option
  21. Judas

    GM Name Color

    tada =) -- It's just yellow to blue for GM, and I've got one for player too.
  22. Judas

    GM Name Color

    Yeah, I've seen one other server do customizable names. I've only been able to do it with the GM yellow to any color, and the regular player
  23. Judas

    Help me please.

    See what item is causing this problem. Could be on the players equip or inventory. See what script it has, and see if anything is strange about it and look at the source
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