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  1. I am currently using the 2018-06-21a client, the main problem encountered is that the client seems to be properly displaying the translation with the exception of the following: It seems that it cant parse the special characters properly. I'm not sure if it's an encoding issue or what. I would be grateful if you guys can provide an insight as to why this is happening or suggestions on how to resolve this issue. As per forum etiquette, I will be posting a reply to this thread if and when I manage to get a sufficient fix or insight for future reference.
  2. Thanks Vincentore! That was a good point in the right direction. Although the replacing thing with the map_cache.dat with the latest git version did not work, It did give me an idea. I'll keep testing if this fix was proper or not. For people who are curious on what I did: (Courtesy of "rA Enthusiast")
  3. Hey guys, It seems I'm quite stumped on how to fix this problem, There seems to be an invisible wall stopping me from getting into the weapons and armor dealer shops in the new prontera. Help on how to fix this please? This is a screenshot onto the whereabouts of this invisible "wall". Thanks in advance, Kei_K
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