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  1. Hello, everyone. i'm trying to fix this but i already give a try i was wondering why it won't trigger with the variable .map$ and i found out it in console [Debug] what is problem of this script? What's wrong with that? Console Helping would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
  2. Oh, man! your shit you've released my request Night Elf Head (70), that was i paid for $15 if i only knew that you will release it to the PUBLIC i would not PAY you. and also that HEAD took me like 2-3 weeks i always PM That guy but no respond he release me like 3 weeks but it has a bug. Tsk tsk tsk! That is worth $15 with 3 weeks delay /yawn
  3. Yeah your probably right!

  4. Hi euphy? Possible to add mapflag on a certain map that @autopot is not allowed. setarray map1,map2,map3 If setarray $set maps dispbottom" autopot is not allowed on this map.. Thanks in advanced!
  5. data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo/jobname.lub change [jobtbl.JT_WARPNPC] = "1_ETC_01", to [jobtbl.JT_WARPNPC] = "spritenameyouwant", It don't work, i replaced it with another spritename.
  6. Drakkus

    Fusion Item

    No errors now, but after gather all the requirments, it doesn't fuse anyways, thank you for this.
  7. Drakkus

    Fusion Item

    Yes, this what i'm looking for. and also, i'm having problem with the callsub part: // <reward ID>, <chance success>, <item ID req 1>,<amount 1>, <item ID req 2>,<amount 2>, ..., <desc>; callsub S_Fuse, 4305,10, 501,1, 502,1, 503,2, "HIT +150.\n Add a 5% chance of auto casting Stone Curse status when hit by enemy."; case 2: callsub S_Fuse, 4318,10, 501,1, 502,1, 503,2, "HIT +150.\n Add a 5% chance of auto casting Stone Curse status when hit by enemy."; case 3: callsub S_Fuse, 4263,10, 501,1, 502,1, 503,2, "HIT +150.\n Add a 5% chance of auto casting Stone Curse status when hit by enemy."; } I don't know why it gives me error: http://i.imgur.com/6rKmo7T.png Thank you again
  8. Drakkus

    Fusion Item

    Additionnal item reward or required ? I don't understand what you want please reformulate ! e.g mes "Please select the following cards that you will Fusion"; select " setarray item 1, item 2, item 3, item 4, each of the fusion card is different requirments.. it would be easy if you can put setarray[0] the required items. and also can you add, if player success the fusion he/she will be announced and the % sucess rate. Thank you in advance Capuche!
  9. Drakkus

    Fusion Item

    @Capuche can i request additional item for fusion. #4305 #4318 #4263 Cann you add same as settarray different requirments and quantitys. and also, if the player success it will announce which item he/she fusion for cards and how many percent % .
  10. Yow, Online!

  11. Drakkus


    Uhm, okay so, what's the code of this so that i can 'hex' it.
  12. Drakkus


    Hello, i'm just curios why my JOB_EXP BAR doenst show up, or i have some misconfiguration? if ever it has kindly please let me know where is the exact location to be configured. Thank You!
  13. Hi, can someone recolor this MISC item: Item ID# 7087 (Breath_Of_Soul) and also the bmp's help is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!
  14. Can i request also like this?
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