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  1. Count to a Million

  2. more than 999k damage

    @kadze thanks! tried to translate it i failed to understand Y______Y
  3. more than 999k damage

    thank you any links you have on how to? i found same thread but im lost anyone with pure hearts to explain.
  4. Max Damage

    can you make a step by step guide im lost
  5. more than 999k damage

    the maximum damage you can see is 999k i want to make it more than 999k like if you asura you will see 2500000 damage is this a client side edit or server side?
  6. which 1 is better?

    KOTH +1
  7. ingame redirect to web

    I've seen a server where if you type !vote ingame you will be redirect to the web vote site @[email protected] may i request for this src thank you!
  8. Faction System

    Ok thank you. i will try to patch it again later
  9. Need help with this plx ;-;

    offtopic what font is "how do you ..." ?
  10. Faction System

    Remove the clif_displaymessagecolor function in clif.c. You already have this function. Remove the original or yours? i tried to use my clif_disp code but when i start my server it says unknow function in conf/faction .....
  11. Faction System

    hello may i ask how to fix the cliff.c error ? it says already has body :/
  12. Mysterious Collection

    I have problem with Woe prize giver: I am the owner but it says that im not >.> Bamboo Grove Hill Holy Shadow
  13. Faction System

    google sir
  14. Faction System

    I have error while compiling clif.c(8163): error C2084: function 'void clif_displaymessagecolor(map_session_data *,const char *,unsigned long)' already has a body anyone knows how to fix this?
  15. Extended Vending System [1.8]

    Ver. 1.8.1 i have problem tho. i used 2 chars Lets assume : Char A Char B Char A vend an item ygg for 26000 Bronze Coins(while Char A inventory has 5000 Bronze Coins) Char B bought ygg from Char A Char B receives ygg and reduce his Bronze Coins by 26000 but the problem is Char A remains with 5000 Bronze Coins. is there a way that if the vendor exceeded the x number of items in his inventory and someone bought it will say that the vendor has exceeded the max inventory? thanks!