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  1. Guys how can i add some announcement when they open (Something like Old Card Album) that will announce what they've got with their name and the card name. - Id: 616 AegisName: Old_Card_Album Name: Old Card Album Type: Usable Buy: 10000 Weight: 50 Flags: BuyingStore: true Container: true Script: | set [email protected], getrandgroupitem(IG_CardAlbum); getitem [email protected],1; announce strcharinfo(0)+" got a "+getitemname( [email protected] )+" from Old Card Album",0; when use OCA and Error fron mapserver [Warning]: itemdb_search: Item ID 616 does not exists in the item_db. Using dummy data.
  2. how disable /dice /dbc on last svn rAthena?
  3. prontera,155,181,5 script Sample 4_F_KAFRA1,{ callfunc("F_ShuffleNumbers", 0, getarraysize(.array$) - 1, [email protected], .menu_count); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .menu_count; [email protected]++) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + .array$[[email protected][[email protected]]] + ":"; [email protected] = select([email protected]$) - 1; mes "Selected "+.array$[[email protected][[email protected]]]; close; OnInit: .menu_count = 2; setarray .array$, "Kill Mantis", goto L_KillMantis "Kill Bees", "Kill Soils", "Kill Porings"; end; } after select menu how next ... like goto L_KillMantis L_KillMantis: mes "................."; close;
  4. hi rathena if people use @autotrade (vending and buying system) possible to stop get exp anymore ? Stop get Base level and Base job Thank You rAthena
  5. and use @autotrade possible to stop get exp and drop anymore ? How stop get base level & Job level (baseexp & jobexp) ? thank you rAthena..
  6. here is official script - Id: 4044 AegisName: Smokie_Card Name: Smokie Card Type: Card Buy: 20 Weight: 10 Locations: Both_Accessory: true Flags: BuyingStore: true Script: | skill "TF_HIDING",1; UnEquipScript: | sc_end SC_HIDING; - Id: 4064 AegisName: Zerom_Card Name: Zerom Card Type: Card Buy: 20 Weight: 10 Locations: Both_Accessory: true Flags: BuyingStore: true Script: | bonus bDex,3; - Id: 2624 AegisName: Glove_ Name: Glove Type: Armor Buy: 30000 Weight: 200 Slots: 1 Jobs: All: true Novice: false SuperNovice: false Locations: Both_Accessory: true EquipLevelMin: 90 Script: | bonus bDex,1;
  7. When I switch skill items (smokie) in Skillb2020-12-16 13-00-03.mkvar & Hotkey and the skill table does not disappear. My exe 2020-03-04aRagnaexeRE
  8. Hi rAthena, I have put up a paid banner advertisement here in rAthena but my advertisement is still not up. Please help.
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