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  1. Woah ayt man! Please ping us here so we can get updates about the project
  2. Looking forward to this. if you have discord channel we want to join
  3. I'd pick Vultr no lag at all and their ticket response is very excellent. Lesson learned to my previous hoster. I still got tons of Credits but its useless now since they close all of the available service -,-! Dont know if I've been scammed or whut but I smell fishy on it.
  4. Met all the requirements. Very recommended! Keep it up, Sader!
  5. Evolution


    We are a mid-rate server bringing you the unique Ragnarok experience and more. With tons of things to do and exciting new features on the way, we'd love for you to take the journey with us. See you in the game! Rock on! Server Informations • Renewal Episode 16.1 Banquet of Heroes • Third Job Enabled • Rates: 50x / 50x / 25x - Weekdays • Rates: 100x / 100x / 50x - Weekends • Max Level: 175 • Max Job: 70 • Max aspd: 193 • Enable MVP & Mini MVP Cards • RateMyServer based Server and Some Custom Aesthetics Server Features • Shop your starter gears! • Attendance System • Title System with Bonus Stats • Expanded Channel System • Extended Vending - Zeny / Cash • 699 Cloth Palettes, 127 Hair Colors, 99 Hair Styles & DressRoom - Costume • roDiscord - Communicate players with Discord through in-game • RefineUI System • Market NPC - 4 Currencies • Voting System • 2.5% on getting Proof of Donations when killing Mobs • VIP System • Card Recycler • Bio Lab 5 Quest • Pvp ON when MVP spawns, disable when MVP is dead Automated Events • Battleground 3.0 (Legacy Mode) • Peco Peco Race • PUBG BattleRoyal - Gunslinger Only • Novice vs. Zombies • Poring Catcher • World Boss Events - World Boss Rift / World Boss Valfreyja Invasion • King of Emperium Rotational Maps • Race of the Day - Gain more EXP! • Hourly Mission • Hourly Points • Mvp Ladder Points • Disguise Event • Mushroom Event Host & Security • No Server Wipes or Rollbacks • Daily Back Up • Server Location: Singapore - 40s~60s Ping • Gepard Shield 3.0 Protected • Gepard Addons - !vsync, !ping & @lgp • Auto blocks Macro tools, Auto pots & other 3rd party programs • Advanced Anti-DDOS Protection • Dual Disabled on War of Emperium, King of Emperium & PUBG Battle Royale Maps
  6. Change this: //Fails on noteleport maps, except for GvG and BG maps [Skotlex] if( mapdata->flag[MF_NOTELEPORT] && !(mapdata->flag[MF_BATTLEGROUND] || mapdata_flag_gvg2(mapdata) ) Into this: //Fails on noteleport maps, except for GvG and BG maps [Skotlex] if( mapdata->flag[MF_BATTLEGROUND] && !(mapdata_flag_gvg2(mapdata)) ) {
  7. Hello, Everyone. This might be my first post here but I kinda need about my client because it crashes when I warp anywhere but it is not often. It will take few @warp, @go or @jump to get crashed. My doubt will be on my client side but I dont know where to start since it didn't say any error or anything else. Any same errors like this to you guys? Need some help! Thx
  8. Is trinity hosting still alive? I can't contact her -.-
  9. I am embarrassed about how Extreme Co. working on DMCA. Hope you all are okay.
  10. Evolution


    Aight Noctis. Thanks for the heads-up!
  11. Evolution


    Rahul is not replying my PMs.
  12. Evolution


    Is there anyone here who resells their FluxCP Templates? Contact me ASAP
  13. In file included from script.c:22841:0: ../custom/script.inc: In function 'buildin_setbgid': ../custom/script.inc:39:3: error: too few arguments to function 'map_nick2sd' In file included from script.c:31:0: map.h:865:27: note: declared here In file included from script.c:22841:0: ../custom/script.inc:43:3: warning: passing argument 2 of 'scriptrid2sd' from incompatible pointer type [enabled by default] script.c:2664:13: note: expected 'struct map_session_data ' but argument is of type 'struct script_state ' In file included from script.c:22841:0: ../custom/script.inc:43:6: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer withou t a cast [enabled by default] make[1]: [obj/script.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/trincli1066/trunk/src/map' make: [map] Error 2 Too much error on script.inc and script_def any can help? was trying to compile it with linux server
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