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  1. Im using zackdreaver's ROEnglish Renewal, my client is 2018-06-21Ragexe. I've changed the skilltreeinfo into 2018 - 06 - 21 provided by zackdreaver translation folder. But whenever the skilltreeinfo is on GRF it does this:
  2. If I encrypt my grf would they be able to change its files and run the game normally? Answered.
  3. Here is another photo for you to stop saying its not even pointing at the same cell. No Shift automatically changes the cursor when you point it on a character when it is ON. While the No Shift Off doesnt change the cursor when it isn't.
  4. Im using 2018-06-21 RagexeRE and as an translation folder I use both zackdeaver's and asheraf's translation files. My problem is that when I do /ns or /noshift it does the First Picture rather than the Second Picture even on /noshift off (third picture) there is no change. Im referring to the CURSOR. This is what happens while im the /noshift is ON What should happen is this when the /noshift is ON This is when /noshift is OFF
  5. Thank you so much for your help.
  6. First is that the Desperado Skill works whenever I recompile the server. But after a few moments of tweaking some NPC, Items, and Skills the Desperado skill would work. What I mean here is. When I cast desperado skill before tweaking it could kill the monsters around me. Then, after tweaking it couldn't kill any monster or either damage once it is casted.
  7. This is what it says. I already changed the ports. BTW. Emulator Number 2 dont open.
  8. I will try that. Should I rename the char server, map server and log server? Or just change the ports?
  9. I mean on two emulator. Because it says "PID Already Open" or something. My problem is one of the server needs to be on renewal and the other on pre-re. That is why I cant have multi server on one emulator. They wouldn't be able to share SRC Files.
  10. I mean two emulators so that it wouldnt interfere with the other server works.
  11. Is it possible to run two rAthena Emulator at the same time on just one hosting?
  12. How to remove this button or disable the Mail System? Im usinng 2018-06-21aRagexeRE
  13. How to remove these? Im using 2018 - 06 - 21aRagexeRE Client and how to disable the Mail System or Mail Button? ?
  14. Sorry for posting it here, I dont know if the section is wrong. How to remove these? Im using 2018 - 06 - 21aRagexeRE Client.
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