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  1. ~Close Topic~ Special Thanks to all who helping me
  2. =.= this take 1 month since all my brother and sister wana use the internet its like 8 hour to get 700mb T_T does do i need to use this visual studio ultimate no matter what? or i can use other software almost done download.
  3. Hye Matrixfox! =) yea im currently goin back to school reading the bible like reading the books past 2years ago lol Oh gosh! i confuse now.. "i extract script with both 3CeAM and rAthena.. cuz on judasbible said (additional injection)".. >_> this too complicated! pluz im lazy to view the video too its better if i got someone to talk with.. do i need to know how to use those file? to be truth i dnt know what those file use for but i want to make my own server and after that im gona host it somewhere so that give staisfaction on each player to play with.. n_n!
  4. i change the password and id on each file that i label down there but it change to red.. when i change the password back to normal (s1/p1) it change to green back.. uhh i miss something? *I'm following judasbible. [im currently downloading Visual Studio Ultimate]
  5. So i dnt need kRO rite?
  6. Done update. gezz it take almost 1 day =.=' oh yea gezz xD thanks guy.. goin on step 2~
  7. okay my SP is 2, limit for use that file is SP3! T~T
  8. i Restart my PC once i install the 64-bit but its not working. then i try install the 32-bit right after i restart my PC. both not working @[email protected] ok, both or 32-bit? Here more info once in instal the 32-bit
  9. i guess my PC not support for both of it _ _ *flagging
  10. i got error for both installer T_T 64-bit OS 32-bit OS (1st time trying fail already come'on Daren DONT GIVE UP!)
  11. WOW Matrix link that you gave me its TOTALLY PERFECT! thanks2.. but dont rest yet i still got more question after this.. lolol xD