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  1. I have followed the instructions, but the content of the ExternalSettings_kr.lub file is different
  2. I want to use Emblem on 2020-09-02bRagexeRE But it seems that the EmblemDataUrl in externalsettings_kr.lub has changed location ↓This is used on 2020-04-01 externalsettings_kr.lub ↓This is used on 2020-09-02 externalsettings_kr.lub Where should I replace it URL? thank you all
  3. Thanks to Froost for the video Eventually I found out that I had committed stupid actions The reason is APP_URL= Rear/forgot to add
  4. No, but I have already asked on discord
  5. Sorry that my English is not very good, but this problem caused me a long time -------------------------------------------------------------- The topic started, when I installed everything in athena-web-service successfully Everything is normal until the file is uploaded The database also has data entry(like this↓) But when I re-login after uploading the picture, the role does not appear emblem So after in-depth inquiry, I found When the client reads the load request, the token will not be sent to verify, so verify cannot be successful ([401]: /userconfig/load) So currently I can only upload successfully and cannot read the image successfully Does anyone have this problem or answer?
  6. I want if it has the battleground mapflag still can show the damage numbers instead of removing the mapflag but still thanks for your reply.
  7. I have a question about how to show the damage number in the battleground mapflag? I've already checked this website https://ragnarokcheats.wordpress.com/tag/see-woe-damage/ But that website is about showing the damage number of WOE and I've tried it first. I also use UltraEdit to change hex codes , but it did not work in "2017-05-17aRagexeRE". Hope someone can help me or give me some advice , thanks a lot !
  8. I got my answer. After I remove custom aura causes, the black circles disappear. Still thank you for answering me. I think this is the answer. After I removed the custom aura causes, the black circles disappear. But,Is there any way I can solve this problem without removing the custom aura causes ?
  9. I have some client side problem. I use 2015-11-04aRagexe as my rAthena client. When I use some of the skills during the cast time delay, (Canto Candidus,Clementia,Praefatio,Gentle Touch - Quiet,Gentle Touch - Cure, Gentle Touch - Energy Gain,Gentle Touch - Change,Gentle Touch - Revitalize etc.) client shows processbar and black circles. Normally,the effect during the cast time delay should show like this: My client side shows like this: I guess some of my spr files are missing,but I don't know their names. Could some one help me? Am I guessing wrong?
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