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  1. Glad I could help friend, have a good day.
  2. You need to create entries for your garments in spriterobeid.lub (where you assign it's view ID similar to accessoryid.lub) and spriterobename.lub (where you assign the ID to a resource like accname.lub) it's pretty self explanatory when you open the lubs. Both lubs can be found in your datainfo folder. This would be your entry for the wings you are trying to use (directly from kRO). spriterobeid.lub ROBE_WINGS_OF_FALLEN_ANGEL = 3, 3 would be your view ID for your DB entry (you can change the ID if you wish). spriterobename.lub [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_WINGS_OF_FALLEN_ANGEL] = "타락천사의날개", Make sure to put the name entry in both tables RobeNameTable and RobeNameTable_Eng.
  3. You need to add it as a garment, not a headgear. If you do not add it as a garment it will not register with the transparentitem.lub. You need to set the equip location to 8192 for costume or 4 for non-costume garment.
  4. This is a layering issue, not a sprite issue, depending on your client version you will need to grab/edit the files in data/luafiles514/lua files/spreditinfo @Haziel has an adjusted version you can find on his discord (https://discord.gg/3yKG3WfTaY) under #support-files. (it might be uploaded somewhere here on rA but I'm not sifting through the clown fiesta file section :^])
  5. Well it all comes down to what do you want out of your server? Are you planning on making a Pre-renewal server? Renewal server? We'd need to know what you plan to do in order to give you any tips on clients. And yes as usual, I would avoid any hosting service that is specifically targeted at RO. (personal opinion though)
  6. Your issue is the way Gravity handles their garments now, all new garments only come with a single sprite file and then all the corresponding act files. If you want to use newer garments on a non 2020 client (I believe some of the later 2019 clients also support the new garments as well) you'll need to generate all the sprite files for those garments. Should be able to use Sader's program to do that easily.
  7. This hat does not have any sprite or act files outside of it's drag and drop. This is a client effect combo'd with the hat effect system depending on your client version it'll be effect 974 and hat effect 23 assuming you are using the official hateffectinfo.lub.
  8. You need a 2019 client or newer, I forget the exact client date, but your best bet is to just grab the last 2020 client before they started 4th job shenanigans. Then you just need to translate the mapInfo_true.lub or mapInfo_sak.lub depending if you go with a live or sak client.
  9. This means you are using models on your custom map that your client can't handle. If you are using the new .rsm2 models you need to upgrade to a 2020 client to be able to enter this map. Either remove your .rsm2 models on the map or upgrade your client. (doesn't look like this map is) depending on how old your client is it could be some of the newer pront textures.
  10. You'd have to show me a specific error, because neither one of those files was largely changed with the 2020 client. You can reach out to me on Discord if you want me to help without needing to wait for forum replies. Panic#1463
  11. I have not experienced any of the other issues you have listed, but as far as the client lubs are concerned most of what they changed was just adding new functions, you can simply copy the functions from their lubs and put them into your lubs without need to manually paste your changes into a new file. You'd need to tell me what lubs you're trying to work with before I can help any further.
  12. OVH and Digital Ocean are two really good hosts, as I say in most of these threads, I would personally avoid any RO specific hosts, they are pretty unreliable and tend to be pretty shady, but that is just my own opinion, in the early years of our server we tried a few of them and each time they sold our content that was on their machines to the highest bidders, but this was years ago so who knows~! OVH has worked out really well for us, their DDoS protection is pretty great, works well for us as a server that is under constant DDoS attacks. They are located in canada though, so if your player base is based out of SEA they might have some higher ping, but that is about the only downside for us.
  13. Yes, if you unload that script the npc will be gone.
  14. I suggest changing your ranges to the following and adjust everything accordingly. TB_Layer_Priority = { Default_Mid = 100, Default_Top = 200, Default_Bottom = 300, If you still get any errors after doing that you are likely missing some hats listed in the lub in your accessoryid.lub Alternatively you can send me your lubs and I can look at them for you.
  15. There is no official Broly hair, but I did a recolor of the OG sayian hairs, and have no issue sharing it. (someone out there probably has a custom set) NovaRO_Broly.7z
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