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  1. You need to add the garments to both spriterobename.lub and spriterobeid.lub then you need to put their view ID (defined in spriterobeid.lub) in your item_db entry. 35004,Black_Chakra,Black Chakra,5,10,10,10,,4,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,1,,1,2,View ID goes here,{},{},{}
  2. I believe there is someone who uploads a big pack of all the official hat files somewhere around here, but I personally just have a copy of all the official servers and grab them manually. Not sure how often the user updates this anymore but here it is.
  3. Well even official items need the inventory bmp. Just means you need to add the files for that item into your grf. (Just because it exists on iRO doesn't mean you're not just missing the files for said item.) Official and custom items use the same folder structure. Here I've attached all the files for the mask. Mask.7z
  4. 28k is too high of an ID for a pet egg. You need to keep pet eggs in the 9k range or else they get really busted. (moving the Magmaring egg ID to the 9k range should fix the egg not being hidden when it's hatched.)
  5. The only way we are able to provide the Hom AI with the 2018 client is through our custom NovaEXT extension made solely by one of our developers Phaicm. I am not sure how the NEMO patch works if at all for the Hom support, but if it doesn't work you'd probably be better off asking @Normynator to try to add the feature to his Paint in Black extension.
  6. Here are the files you're looking for. MechanicalWingBand.grf
  7. If you run grf editor you should be able to just drag an drop the iteminfo into grf editor. But here is a decompiled version of the iteminfo you are asking for. iteminfo_sak.lua
  8. You can use GRF Editor to decompile.
  9. Did you check to see if you had the corresponding .bmp images in the right directory of your grf?
  10. { "moc_para01", 10, 185, 0, IT_BMP, "유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp" }, As an example this line will add a small floating .bmp at the specified coordinates. 유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp is where kRO stores their overhead .bmps by default but you can change the directory separately to whatever you want. { "prontera", 135, 184, 3, IT_SIGNBOARD, "유저인터페이스\\information\\over_kafra.bmp", " Main Office", "#0x009EBDFF" }, A line like this will end up looking like this.
  11. OngoingQuestInfoList_Sakray.lub is the client file you want to edit. (Assuming you're using the 2018 client.)
  12. Dark mode for SDE and ACT editor when?
  13. I'd suggest purchasing the map from it's creator to avoid any texture/model issues. But that is just me.
  14. Mmm, well you're question was where to get the maps. But it sounds like you have missing textures and models. You can check the files in grf editor and use the file info to see what textures/models are being used on the map.
  15. Well those maps are encrypted because they were purchased. Those look like Chemi maps to me. Here is her facebook link if you wish to purchase them.