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  1. This means you are using models on your custom map that your client can't handle. If you are using the new .rsm2 models you need to upgrade to a 2020 client to be able to enter this map. Either remove your .rsm2 models on the map or upgrade your client. (doesn't look like this map is) depending on how old your client is it could be some of the newer pront textures.
  2. You'd have to show me a specific error, because neither one of those files was largely changed with the 2020 client. You can reach out to me on Discord if you want me to help without needing to wait for forum replies. Panic#1463
  3. I have not experienced any of the other issues you have listed, but as far as the client lubs are concerned most of what they changed was just adding new functions, you can simply copy the functions from their lubs and put them into your lubs without need to manually paste your changes into a new file. You'd need to tell me what lubs you're trying to work with before I can help any further.
  4. OVH and Digital Ocean are two really good hosts, as I say in most of these threads, I would personally avoid any RO specific hosts, they are pretty unreliable and tend to be pretty shady, but that is just my own opinion, in the early years of our server we tried a few of them and each time they sold our content that was on their machines to the highest bidders, but this was years ago so who knows~! OVH has worked out really well for us, their DDoS protection is pretty great, works well for us as a server that is under constant DDoS attacks. They are located in canada though, so if your player base is based out of SEA they might have some higher ping, but that is about the only downside for us.
  5. Yes, if you unload that script the npc will be gone.
  6. I suggest changing your ranges to the following and adjust everything accordingly. TB_Layer_Priority = { Default_Mid = 100, Default_Top = 200, Default_Bottom = 300, If you still get any errors after doing that you are likely missing some hats listed in the lub in your accessoryid.lub Alternatively you can send me your lubs and I can look at them for you.
  7. There is no official Broly hair, but I did a recolor of the OG sayian hairs, and have no issue sharing it. (someone out there probably has a custom set) NovaRO_Broly.7z
  8. Is your custom egg outside the 9k item range? If it is try moving it into the 9k range.
  9. Make sure you also have an entry under the following in petinfo.lub PetEggItemID_PetJobID = { [Your Egg ID here] = jobtbl.JT_NIGHTMARE_TERROR_H, }
  10. You need to add entries to petinfo.lub for the evolution pet. PetNameTable = { [20373] = "nightmare_terror_mj", } PetIllustNameTable = { [20373] = "Nightmare_Terror_H.bmp", } PetIllustNameTable_Eng = { [20373] = "Nightmare_Terror_H.bmp", } PetStringTable = { [20373] = "Rigid Nightmare Terror", } You'd of course use your own ID/file naming.
  11. I'd avoid any kind of host that is targeted towards RO servers specifically, they are all pretty unreliable and most of them are pretty sketchy and have been known to sell off server data. I'd highly recommend OVH.
  12. You need to add the garments to both spriterobename.lub and spriterobeid.lub then you need to put their view ID (defined in spriterobeid.lub) in your item_db entry. 35004,Black_Chakra,Black Chakra,5,10,10,10,,4,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,1,,1,2,View ID goes here,{},{},{}
  13. I believe there is someone who uploads a big pack of all the official hat files somewhere around here, but I personally just have a copy of all the official servers and grab them manually. Not sure how often the user updates this anymore but here it is.
  14. Well even official items need the inventory bmp. Just means you need to add the files for that item into your grf. (Just because it exists on iRO doesn't mean you're not just missing the files for said item.) Official and custom items use the same folder structure. Here I've attached all the files for the mask. Mask.7z
  15. 28k is too high of an ID for a pet egg. You need to keep pet eggs in the 9k range or else they get really busted. (moving the Magmaring egg ID to the 9k range should fix the egg not being hidden when it's hatched.)
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